Word of salutation shot as arrows

You come with intent to injure for me to wallow in sorrow

Oh you lords and officials of Pharoh and Herod

I have knowledge of your trades and methods

You come at me throwing bricks

Then you come to delude playing tricks

Don’t ever under estimate my Lord

Whenever you come to shoot your arrows

Don’t you know that God’s eyes are on the sparrow

The Lord watches me where ever I go

Don’t you know

He cannot be weighed on the same scale as Satan

Will God ever turn away from His servants


Why do you sensor my motion

I am not a subject left to be explored

Jesus is watches over me rest assured

Who gives you that notion that I am meat for your coven

Truth has been told and it is proven

The Blood of Jesus saves, and prepares a home for me

You’ve sent persecution upon persecution

Each day your radar is spinning my direction

As you aim your target God controls the execution

Will God ever turn away from His servant



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