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Over the most pivotal point of my assignment with God, never have I ever experience desperation as I have. The Lord spoke to me at the end of January and told me things are going to grow very dark, ugly and nasty.  Thereafter, the witchcraft in the place turn very ugly. It does not matter what angle I stand or sit, wizard are standing  above me.  Whenever, I rushed to the wash to pee, someone follows like a dogie.  Imaging even when I start vomiting and I ran over to the toilet bowl, someone runs along with me. At some point in the game, I invited them over smacking my lips as if to call my puppy.

There is a bowl with blue rim in the wall that the Lord pointed out to me. I anointed it and seal the gates.   They came back and refill it.  The portals are back on every surface our feet tread.  The subject in that I am boarding with is lukewarm and full of skepticism.   She complain about the bag being moved, and she fixed it up again.

Enemies came right back and put the water back, then she complained a second time.  I said to her do not blame me because I have not tread that path at all.  They have fighting for my limbs, especially my feet like there isn’t another tomorrow.  But what they fail to realize is that despite the fact that several of them comes to conspire and make incantations at the door, those that are with me are greater than those that are against me.  They arranged a plan to kill me, and I know about it because the Lord knows their plans.

But maturity is kicking up a notch to another level.  They have been watching me not just to maintain their income, but also for the state to be able to keep booming, growing, florishing through death of the innocent.  These men and women do not work, they kill.

Let me explain how it is done, although I do not wish to go over what has been provided in the publications, I will regurgitate a little because the situation has exacerbated.  these people live on citizens, taxpayers income.  They are paid to harass, torment, torture, persecute, shoot arrows at you day and night.  The objective is to bring any type of disability that will destroy limbs, mind, finances, anything that will stagnate a child of God.  Landlords folks are paid by the government to take you down.  You do not have to believe me.   I have a bunch of videos up on Facebook, You Tube, and other Social Media.  They may not be the best product created, but do not worry, they will suddenly meet the expectations of viewers.  To be more precise with my information, please note that this is not an analogy, nor theology.  I have a long list of family members that they have put to sleep hoping that this would never be exposed.  It entails the death of my father, death of my sister, death of my sister in law, disability of my niece, instability of my self, and other sisters, and many other deaths.  The enemy truly thought at one point that they were hitting the jackpot over and over again.  Until Jesus gave me a 360 degree turn.  But what is my life to me without Jesus, what is man to me without Jesus.  Imagine I Alexandra was the next number and name on the statistic list.  Glory be to God, that my life has been spared and many more will be spared.

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