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Brothers and Sisters let me begin by saying that God does not show favoritism to no man.  The reality of the real world is very clear.  We have a library of fancy words to coverup everything that is demonically  evil in our society.  Let me begin by saying that, my phone was stolen in Toronto.  I forgot it on a TTC counter right in

front of two TTC workers giving me instruction standing on a side; including, the man behind the counter.  The directions only confused me and I forgot my phone on the counter, I immediately realized that I left it behind and got off the next train ride.  When I got back to the TTC booth, the ticket fellow was not around nor was the two other fellow anywhere to be found.

Loosing my phone meant that my whole life was left behind.  I made several trips to TTC lost and to no avail yet someone is monitoring my life through my own property.  I eventually got a new phone using the same phone number.  I was not sure that this was a right move, but I had convinced myself that someone would return it.  The minute I plan to go out, unrighteous men and women are waiting on a rock, a three cross road or beside a tree.  I am being monitored, and wizards at my apartment are young and  brazen.  I moved out of Toronto to another city, the young men and women in my apartment immediately thought that they had found a new prey.  It took them three days to begin the attack.  First give away was the stinky stench of fish that they began to release in the hallway for me right before I leave to go out. They have staged opening everywhere leaving cracks for them to crawl under.

They played a sick game on me by giving me two keys for my unit, one gold and one silver.  The minute I go out and came back in, there were traces that visitors were coming in.  Suddenly, it dunned on me that my keys were fake.  I had to give myself a reminder to check the keys.  I discovered that only one key was operational.  The worst part of it all was when a woman knocked on my door several times, when she got no response, she inserted her key in my door and entered .  I was shocked and asked who is it.  She quickly pulled the door back and quickly disappeared.  That key, the gold one that opened the building’s entrance door, and it opened my apartment door as well.  Everyone in the building had access to my unit door.  These boys and girls performed so much wickedness on my faculty, it is unbelievable.  I sent out email to management about the key, even though they responded, they never showed up to change the lock.

When I was in Toronto, a black woman named Sarah harassed me day and night with her black

cat.  She even waited for me in the form of a strange creature in wee hours of the night whenever I go out.  Now, in this new aboard, these sick young individuals come at my door with a dog for the magician to enter my body through the dog.  Readers may want to know how I know all this, read my books.  The facts are all Revelations of Jesus Christ given to me.

I boldly made remarks to let these idiots that I am aware of their works.  They fought even harder to terrify me.  When their efforts were not effective enough,  first they put maggots in my unit.  Then they put maggot eggs.  Then they released huge black flies in my unit.  Then it they put glass bottles in my sausages.  Again, they entered the unit and wipe out the CPU in my laptop.  After going through all this, I sent out perhaps my third or forth email to management.

But let me tell you how heathens operate.  They finally sent an email to say that they will come because I threatened to bring in a lock smith to change the lock.  But the first thing in morning when I woke up, the Holy Spirit gave me a message, the word vetted, and He repeated it.  I had to go on the web to see what it meant., says make a careful and critical examination of something.  Right away,  I knew that the subject coming to replace the key was one of them.  As a matter of fact, I prepared a list of questions and watched him like a hawk.   He was giving signals to the fellow across from me with the dog, and by going back and forth leaving my door open to perform incantations.  I have reason to believe that he lives in the building and just put on a company uniform to come by.

As a matter of fact, my mailbox contains mail that belong to someone with my first name. And I have been wondering whether they killed that person like they have been trying to kill me.  The literally put poison in the water that I use to eat and drink.  They have gone as far as putting acid poison in my coffee.  Folks this is not a fairy tale.  This is true, and I can certainly tell you that these men and women pursue me day and night to keep me silent.  They have connected the kitchen sink with all the other pipe lines to collect dirty water to generate files in my unit with the stroke of their baton, wand, staff, or stick.  There is so much more, but if one needs to know more, you have to support my writing.  The last thing I will say is that Jesus message to me was lobby, lobby, lobby.

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