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Unraveling – My Deliverer


When the LORD caught my attention, it was the fact that a war was brewing in my life.  The actual problem derived from the enemies strategic plan to derail my progress. The LORD dispatched two angels, which I thought in the beginning was to assist and bring forth justice.  Little did I know that what the LORD had planned was huge, greater than my imagination can and will ever fathom.  During this stage, what the LORD revealed; what the LORD helped me endured; what the LORD implanted inside of me cannot be measured or explain.  Sometimes, when we experience things gruesome, grotesque, painful and raw, we say that we do not wish it upon anyone else.  But in essence, God gives gumption to sustain us. So making a clean entrance or clean exit is necessary for every man to walk out and see the day light and walk in to see the absence of light.
Jesus is my destiny
And He will lead me to eternity
He called my name out of the pit
I fear no defeat
For Jesus reign is till we meet
After all my persecution God gives me new unction
He called my name out of the pit
  He never tested whether I am qualified or fit
The race brought me down on my knees
I fall
Then I rise out of the pit again
Weak and faint
I kept looking back at where my garment stained
I held on to much pain
Jesus reminds me that He is the Healer
He held my hand and help me out again
Jesus is my destiny
And He will lead me to eternity
His hands are strong upon me
So strong is the Living Rock
Though I had been counting how I had been mocked
I pressed on to the very top
I loose the axe and my life reached it climax
Enemies will no longer poke or shape me like Madame Tussauds wax











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