The Great Commission

The curriculum of persecution is a great lesson
Everything borrowed and stolen from the Book of Revelations
City officials pierce my emotions with swords of oppression
Though I seem powerless but never powerless
I latched unto what I’d been told by the Lord
Wielding the pen of a ready writer, a double edged sword
A time to execute God’s mission
There I birth a new song
Words that connect dots of events old and long
Folklore songs and superstitions
Operations mimicking the Lord’s execution
Legalization of organizational crimes
Legitimacy of known to unknown of many secret deaths
Killings for the sake of pennies and dimes
The staff of God stretches to the four quadrant
The curriculum of persecution is a great lesson
It split the veil off my face
City officials fought to hold me in disgrace
Hoping my eyes remain close that I’d never rise
With bloody shot eyes new vision pierced through
And awoken me to see what man has warrant
I cried to what my eyes opened unto
Judgement and righteousness upon the earth


I cried I am through
Gasping for breath
I took Beauty and cut it asunder to break my covenant with the people
They withheld the thirty pieces of silver due for my salary
I persevered to see God’s glory
I took my staff Bands and break the brotherhood with nations
I am on God`s mission
And I do not need another man’s permission
Many were sent to bring me grief
 Snipers and assassination arrows are brief
God is everlasting
Lords of lords, King of kings





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