One warning!

Two warning!

Three harassments for a census and eve threatening me about a charging me a fine.  The first two times the fellow hound me down knocking at my door I never checked the time.  the third time it was &:11 P.M. July 29, 2021.  They have their time, they work according to time and figured that this was the perfect moment to come and harrass me.  I figure that was meant to be dead on, spot on for wickedness.  When he threatened to fine me, I told him to take the money for my laptop that they deliberately came in my unit to destroy so that they can destroy my evidence about their dirty operations in Canadian housings.  Folks these are not accusations, I will put up a video for evidence for all to see..

The dark themes that I have written about are surreal.   It is real.  It is a serious problem, the problem is mathematical.   It or these problems appear as practical.  It shows up as technical problems – nothing is real.  They used to say that it is environmental. Now it has been shown or known as social problems – too many social media eclipses of news releases.  Too many news reporters – the problems are now universal.  So they decided to cover it up with a layer of racial problems known to be historical.  When truth is about to be exposed – they say it is prejudicial. If a victim tries to speak out or advocate, they say she or he is fanatical.  And if you are rallying against the left, you are mental.   The aim for me today was to get me hysterical with anger.  Instead, you see, many of the travesty, tragedy are buried in the sand as bylaws classified as judicial.  The trajectory are meant to be parallelograms so the two lines would never meet.

Thereby passing all deaths as suicidal, or accidental.  But having escaped systemic calamities that was meant to be another successful government approval, it rolled out the scroll of betrayal.  It gave birth to me as a new radical portrayal.  I am not bi-racial – I am not black although my skin is black.  I am a Christian and it is official.  I am separated from the class that is superficial – and I play no games.  And I do not come artificial.  Call me what you may, but I work for Jesus and I do not need any credentials – Frankly, they are all stored away at the money mongers store houses.  Once upon a time, the war with warmongers were difficult to grapple trials now are my staple. I face challenges, my opponents Jesus wrestle.   The systematic system of darkness in a century where everyone is dabbling in darkness has created a storm that has opened a revolving door that moves at the speed of a rocket.

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