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T the corporate world, I may be invisible, but in the realm of the spirit of God, I am a giant in the making.  In many of my writings and books, wicked exploitation of government officers and local workers, as well as people operating in other smaller corporation.  I have explore the different form of exploitation and areas of explorations cause by wicked known civil servants and local workers in our stations.
Persecution is the pathway to success.  When all witches and warlocks that chose to boldly and conference in another child of God’s doors to contend with them, today I am here to tell all evil doers that the day is drawing near.  There will come the time when none of them will be able to see in the realm of the spirit to perform wickedness.   While wickedness has prevail and is still prevailing through the housing market that are operated both by government housing and local landlord, the Lord is rising to reclaim what enemies have stolen. I have mentioned in the past how the enemy above has fought for my mind, and the subjects just to plant information in her mind and connect her mind to mind in the spirit realm.  The evidence is here folks, so here is a letter draw straight from her email to me as well as my responses.  When I arrived in establishment, they were waiting for me because the witch told the cop to tell me go to my daughter.  On the third day, the landlords came and attempted to cast me out on the streets claiming that I was at the front entrance praying loud enough for them to hear.  What they have negated or neglected to mention is the fact that by the third second day of my arrival, they knew that I was awake blocking their curses they are issuing daily and the dreams they were bent on robbing at nights.  And they will admit how I dismantled their vessels in the wall near the head of the bed.  They have the subjects in denial, and they know that I know their works and the condemnation of God is upon them.  They will not prosper.  For the scripture says clearly unless the Lord build a house, the watchman watches in vain.   If you do an analysis of this letter, it is about time, the enemy knows that time is essential in all manner. They want me paralyzed.  However, hard or difficult things are, I am deliberate and I will not deliberate on what they have done or can do.  If they wanted to remain in disguise, they would not come with secret lies. Since I have nothing to loose, I am coming clean.  The word of God says, If you loose your life you shall find it.  And if find your life you shall loose it. If anyone man that does not want to loose. Every lies they have planted, every wickedness they have performed shall be exposed.  Whether they want to contend, whether they want to pretend, I hold nothing back.  You wicked foes, you tell your agencies and agents let my people go that they may serve. Thus says the spirit of the living God. Imagine folks, I cannot even fart or burp before I can get the killer eye, and that because the demons that the enemies are releasing are escaping through my prayers.  I watch the enemy in her eyes, before she turns away.  I see the demons but I remain silent.  The demons they release to her stays because she does not pray.  Some people wimp and call this they think that this is classified as prayer while the witches and warlocks are strengthen. Unless, one gets to speak the language of heaven, and contend with the enemy the have the upper hand.  They are using her to stop my prayer for them to kill me and she thinks that she is helping me.  When enemies could not get to me, they went all the way to the Caribbean to look for whom they might devour after they have killed and injured many. They have been fighting hard and long to ailenate my people and put my family members on the streets as vagabond and wonderer.  The Holy Spirit has made me as uncomfortable as I should be to win this spiritual battle.  Every man is responsible for his or her sins.  If I do not follow the will of my Father, I shall bear the greater sin, so am I to obey man, mammon or God.  I chose to obey God.  Therefore, let God be God and be the JUDGE AND PASS JUDGEMENT. GOD did not give me a spirit of fear, not here to make no condemnation, but rather to speak as I ought to. Furthermore, I will allow no other man’s word to bring condemnation on me.  I stand on the legal shed Blood of Jesus Christ, the reveler of secrets who shows me what to say and what to do.  I do not expect anyone to side with me for the scripture tells us that a prophet is not accepted in his own town.  Enemies are territorial and they want to latch on to what they have stolen. It is easier for them to kill than to go broke. I’d rather die in the arms of God and know that I deny Him from speaking the truth and to bring light and clarity to this dark ages.
A spiritual battle is one no man can see except the spirit of a man. And because of this they have driven many children of God into exile, and mental decapitations and physical decapitation. Now this letter below is two folds.  I have never “voiced that I am not fond of these people.” However, I have complaint about the malicious ways they drag their flying saucer and land right over my head with the machine to force me into poop mood to extract my poop to shot the fragrance back at me.  I believe that I mentioned previously that land owner/land lords extract your poop to release back at you as a fragrance to keep that person into poverty.  The are aware that they no longer have my hand tied behind my back.  So in a frenzy, they enforce a gag.  When this never worked, they went to social media to rebuttal after every post I put out.
On Thu, Jan 21, 2021 at 9:35 AM Alexandra Sonson <> wrote:
And by the way God is at work, and He is in the picture.  God is all the help I need right now.
On Thu, Jan 21, 2021 at 9:25 AM Misha Sonson <> wrote:


I am writing this because it is difficult to have a conversation with you which does not turn into an argument. Writing has always been my best way of communicating.
Several times I have tried to talk to you regarding us living in a small shared space. I understand you have your personal habits or routines. That is ok, I was trying to discuss having consideration for each other. The last time when I was inquiring about what are your plans, it was not meant to sound like I am putting you out.  This was to be an opener to begin a discussion as I have observed over the months an increase in unhappiness.
You have voiced on several occasions that you are not fond of the other occupants of the house. You have gone as far as posting videos on social media. I understand, it is your page and you can do whatever you like. I was disappointed because you have no regards for me and how it may affect me as well.The thing with social media is people share and things go around. Did you stop for a moment to consider if it may get back and affect me and my place of residence.I have no control; I am not able to ask people to change in their home. Even if they are renting at the end of the day, no matter how we look at it, they are the home owners.  Yes, as a tenant I do have rights and everything is up to good working standards and there are no physical risk to me residing there.They do have some habits that may be inconsiderate at times but they have never been rude to me and always understanding if I am late on my rent.  With this being said, that is why when there are some minor issues, such as the kids running around I refrain from complaining.I believe that if we are in situations that is affecting us mentally or physically that we remove ourselves from these situations. I know sometimes there are restraints which affects us from making choices freely. There are obstacles in everything in life and that is when we have to prioritize and with God everything is possible.I think at this time, your main priority should be obtaining a place, where you can lay your head and take care of your mind and body freely. This is no life to live for you and you have not been living a happy life in a while. You no longer appear to be the person I once knew.The person full of life, happy and laughing.  It is a constant battle, you no longer look for the positivity in things.  A woman of God should be his happiest child, knowing God is fighting your battles and has your back.There is no reason for you to be on anyone’s floor, unable to bathe and eat freely. There is no reason for you to not be able to live a free life.  You need to take care of you.It’s is approximately 4 months that you have been with me. I don’t want it to get to the point of my landlord addressing this living arrangement. As it was discussed as being a temporary stay. I willl assist with looking for places and take you for viewing when necessary. I believe we should aim for April 1st as this will be 6 months. I value our relationship and don’t want this to strain it any further. I pray you find comfort and joy and prosperity in everything you do.
I am glad to have all of this in writing to put on my website.  Thanks a million, great effort.
You are in no position to talk to me about God.  A natural man does not understand the things of the spirit.  You went about and brings even more demons showing off with your tattoos. Did you know that God is against this? A person who does not have a personal relationship with God DOES NOT KNOW THE THING OF THE SPIRIT REALM.  You are operating in the flesh and I have no desire to remain here on the floor.  this is not where my destiny lies and you are helping the enemy stagnate my destiny, because I cannot even open my mouth or pray. You have asked me enough of time to leave, I am not your dog?  Remember that every one that have misuse me will come back and bow perform me and my God.  The devil is a liar.
I am glad to have all of this in writing to put on my website.  Thanks a million, great effort.






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