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The messages given here are revelations given to me by Christ.  Folks, I was living under serious attacks not knowing where they originated until the Lord set me apart and began to give directions and information.  Therefore, everything that I have recorded in my books are truth. We are told that our foes are not people.  First let me say that human beings are spirits.  We are made to believe that everyone are nice people, because hardly anyone every reveal the depth of evil.  As you leave your life non-chanlant, your neighbour becomes your best friend serving you food.  He or she lives vis a vis or right above your head or right below you.  These so called nice men and women have death traps in your way, portals in your home.  They sit over your heads day and night.  They release bullets, how nice are they? how nice! They silently release tear gas to make you sick.  Then all of a sudden, your nose begins to leak.  Your private parts begins to leak.  You are unable to control your intestine.  The so called doctors cannot find any fault or flaws in your mortal body because there isn’t any.  Bullets are raining from the spiritual realm.  Now my people, many resources have been given to me by Jesus and they are written down in the form of books.  The realities addressed is detrimental, and pertinent information.  I was marked for death by unrighteous men and women so that this information would not come out.  I have been around death, sickness and diseases as a result of witchcraft.




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