Speaking form the stand point of a woman of color, I am black. Yet I’d rather be know as a woman of GOD. When GOD created the heavens and the earth, and everything thereof, he took a step back and look. He said, “it is all good”. Therefore, my worth is not in my image or skin pigmentation. Guess what? When GOD called me out as a prophet/prophetess of GOD, He said to me, “I called you because of your voice”.

Guess what, my voice was one part of my genetic makeup that I always wish was sweet, soft and melodious. Instead, I bear this thick tuff accent that cannot change even how hard I have tried in the pass to possess a soft high note. All these years of growing up, there was always something that I, as a woman wanted changed. Then I would look at my big bulbous nose, I would hold my nostrils together to make it look what we considered “acceptable” to human or societal standards. There were days that I’d wish that I had some availability to some riches to perform a “nose job”. The only job the land in which I’d chosen as homeland offered me was no job, and guess what “no nose job” either. The long battle to find stability had me crying and realizing that this country did me some dis-service, and some terrible injustices through rejection upon rejection.

Guess what, sitting on a park bench in the middle of COVID19, the” dark land of desolation” called TORONTO has taught me a very unfavorable, undesirable, unforgettable lesson. The wild vine that sprout out of witchcraft and wickedness that once trapped me in the vortex of hell is beginning to unwind. The comforting words of the comforter is my pillar of strength. Everything is looking gloomy, and everyone is under the same dome in the stormy pandemic. The LORD said to me, “though it tarry, wait for it” and therefore, the attitude of the impatient man that I once possess has been lifted to a high degree. So until then, I shall wait for God.

While I am waiting for GOD, it is an acceptance period and that is learning to accept the things that I cannot change. Although my mind and body is under constant manipulation by witches and wizards, and the severe punctured wounds brings me much pain and unrest, I will persevere. Although it may seem that GOD is being delayed, I will wait.


Living in a unit in an old century home with no air to breathe, or personal space has me feeling like an olds mobile in a dirty, dusty parking garage. Whenever the wizards come to terrify me, I blow my horn to counteract and react. The most disturbing and disgusting findings is knowing that the home consists of about ten to fifteen tenants and everyone dabbles in darkness.

Speaking of the truth and nothing but the truth, they have all fought against me with one voice simply because I am a Christian. They have been secretly been fighting to throw me outside as a home wrecker, they wanted to make a homeless out of me. But God was watching, and as they piled up eviction notices upon eviction notices upon me, my God became angry. They took me to court and brought a lawyer and three others against me plus false witnesses that sent letters about me, this is how much they wanted me powerless.

One of the things that the evil doers miscalculated and underestimated was that they were dealing with JESUS Himself. For when the Holy Spirit possess my body, I do not have words to describe Him, only the bold confessions that I make saying, I serve a Mighty and a Great God.


Many years, life’s teachings and practices were built on advertisements projected, displayed as to what portrays as ideal societal expectations. One of the foundations upon which this site was built was good illustrations of achievements, to give demonstrations of the power of education and to show that I have the goods to sell my soul and my body for a diploma, degree or master’s for I cannot remember. The reason why I cannot remember is because there was a war going on in the physical planet with physical human beings using the solar system and dark spiritual entities to nail me down in the deep dark crevices of Hades.

When Jesus sent angels to help me fight the battle, I was already severely wounded with terrible head trauma. When the angel said to me in the spirit realm, “God will take care of it Alexandra!”, I believe it was then that the greatest battle with the government administrators seized. It was not the battle that seized, but I had suddenly hand over my weapons to the heavenly soldiers that came and fought for me. It was with that affectionate assuredness that every perception and aspects of my life changed. Instead of fighting for funding to continue with the educational journey I’d embarked on, a new battle ensued in another area of my life right in the midst of prayer intercession.

God had diverted the enemies and I had completely and altogether left the university. The change of event appeared to be a relief from the coarse of darkness. However, the change of atmosphere only meant that the war had changed direction. It was rather similar to a storm changing direction, where it either gain or looses its strength. As for this storm, it had gained power. Fighting people form the dark spiritual realm is not any different to cyber bullying or assassinators. A personal encounter with darkness is not dealing with a pretty thing. Some of them are pretty in deed, ” a bouquet of flower without any scent”. Writing this piece, I will try not to give away information that has been previously written.

What I can certainly say is this, dealing with witchcraft is dealing with deaths. And it is not dealing with a death, but we are dealing with multitudes, blood shed, blood shed, bloodshed. This experience herewith is brutal, scary, monstrous, but the end result is life to core. I have gained rank in JESUS’ army alright. It has not been an easy trip, and everyday the enemy put more nails on the rocky mountain.

JESUS NEVER LEAVE NOR FORSAKE US. Until then, cheers brother and sisters in Christ.



Writing from the perspective of a stranger, it is much to pressing and depressing trying to make my voice pierce through the four walls to hit its intended targets. Besides, the world of sin and death is now a world lies and confusion. Speaking of chaos and destruction, it is inevitable to leave out the reality that lies behind the COVID19. Remember before it was COVID19, it was CORONA VIRUS. A series of explanation has sprang forth to describe or to give a professional diagnosis or practitonaires point of views.

Remember in the earlier part of the CORONA/COVID that we had a toilet paper gig or jive going on. All this time, I, the prophet of GOD was moving around the city of TORONTO trying to find a washroom to simply poop every six to seven days. I will not go into details about the reason for going out because it has been made mention in a series of five books. The two best topics to explore at JAW BONE AND EZEKIEL’S PROPHECY by Alexandra Sonson. Up to this moment, I still use the washroom every six to seven days. Ask me how do I survive it, I will answer, it is the grace of Jesus Christ. And one the things that griped me in the beginning is eating a bowl of instant noodles every night as my daily meal. I once cried over my meal every day. The bowl of soup has become more of a life saving tool. Whatever the case or whatever the reason why the whole of a city haunted me down to kill me is still unknown. But I remembered the scripture that Jesus said that rejoice if we were persecuted for His sake.

There is a lot more darkness involved than a bowl of chicken noodle soup, but it took me gumption to write the truth in the five books because warned me that I should prophesy in truth and in spirit. Although I do not know how to prophesy but I know how to speak truth. One of the deadly journey any man can take is one fighting against the dark spirit realm without JESUS and His legions of angels by your side.

Believe me, the angel of darkness and the people working for him are the most barbaric and vicious human beings alive. But in all of it there is JESUS, there is redemption, there is repentance. Although the end of the dark war is no where near over, I gained JESUS in an inexplicable manner. Today, I am here holding up His BANNER. JESUS is marvelous, and I marveled at HIS patience whenever I did not follow His command for lack of understanding. You know what He says to me smiling, “sometimes you don’t understand my bits”. Practically I did not understand anything because on of the things that I complain about was not having anyone to counsel me. Remember, the Israelites had Moses and Joshua and they still complained.

I am still sitting in a small unit on a stool and I cannot begin to mention what evil works that doers perform on me coming in and going out of my unit whenever they desire, even while I am asleep. They literally leave traces behind for me to know and see that they have the power to come in whenever. As for this little piece of equipment call the stool, they have left a legacy of wickedness upon it. I will put these bits to a close, but I will emphasize further, if you want to know the truth and learn how to preserve lives for God read the books that I have mentioned above. I love you guys, and God bless you.

Thank you and God Bless


There is a wall on my heart with a long ladder where witches and warlocks have been climbing back and forth for seven years. I have gone through much torment, torture and trials. During this last days with wars and rumours of wars, all types of rebellions are rising for the sake of religion. The battle for skin color is becoming one of the fastest growing schemes of the devil where participation from all types of race are claiming blackness.

The fight is not about skin pigmentation, for this war has been going on long before JESUS CHRIST chose me from the side lines and to work in His vineyard. The seriousness of what I am encountering everyday is not human. During these wild encountering with idolaters and experiencing witchcraft manipulations has left my emotions raw.

When mind manipulations of the wicked approved as a medical condition and even have a medical term, it is crushing to watch those who have died through what is passed and classified as doctors diagnosis. During the seven years with JESUS, the astounding revelations that JESUS gave me revealing methodical approaches, techniques, manipulations, vices and devices used in witchcraft is mind blowing. I would like to point readers who are reading this piece to turn to my books. They are helpful and life saving resources produced straight from heavenly helpers.

The book Eziekiel’s Prophecy:COVID19 and Jaw Bone carries a surmountable amount of information that will save lives, and I mean lives. Now it time that people that are under mental and physical attack go beyond just doctor’s diagnosis.
I could go on and on, however, everything is already laid out for readers to see, and I left no stone unturned.

I am living in a home where I am being trampled upon day and night, day and night. The enemies of my soul hound me down like jackals. They have attempted all types of ways to frighten and threatened me to give up fulfilling God’s prophecy. It is only through perseverance and gusto that I fulfilled God’s desire for my life and I will never give up fighting. JESUS has already won that battle on the cross way before He called out from the matrix of my mother’s womb.

I will never stand on the sidelines with fiends at my side any more, and all pretending to be friends. I have overcome the need to feel a sense of belonging, for I belong to JESUS.




EDU 430 Methods of Teaching in the Primary/Junior grades

Education is a vital function of every nation because it is the pathway to communication. It is through education that nations are built culturally, politically and economically.   It is my belief that a teacher must be authentic with enthusiasm to break barriers and raise the bar. A great teacher possesses distinguished qualities that cannot be measured. Formulating my philosopher of education statement, the focus is on key principles that are fundamental for human existence.   They are theological, psychological, political and sociological aspects of human behaviour that corresponds with education.

My theological belief is that a teacher is one who performs deep surgical operation of the soul and dies to flesh (self) to develop self control, humility, compassion and the desire to bring about goodness in her students. With a wounded spirit, and wounded heart spring empathy and compassion. A teacher must take the role of a servant to exercise good leadership, and he must be able to provide constant support to students. A teacher is one whose enthusiasm is dedicated to bring about change with on going quest to strive to break barriers and ensure that no child is left to feel inferior.

Looking from a psychological stand point, people are bands of energy. Our energy gets transmitted through encounter with others. Exuding energy that invigorates the environment is absolutely necessary for classroom unity. Possessing a character that is impartial, domesticated, vibrant, benevolent, cooperative along with strong will power is the recipe for success. A teacher that is bias will only cause delay in student’s progress


Politically, the education system is governed by a hierarchy of rules set in place by a democratic society. In the twentieth century era, every part of society is framed by government mandate. Technology is rapidly changing teaching applications in schools and teachers must continue to take professional development courses to keep updated with modern technology. The educator’s role is to demonstrate self-sufficiency with mastery in teaching. In order to maintain a reputation that is untainted, teachers must guard themselves with all diligence.

The sociological perspective of education ties to communication, collaboration, and community development in institutions.   A huge emphasis is placed on communicating information, building community and collaborating with stake holders and parents for the benefit of creating meaningful and efficient ways to help students. Teachers have to adapt and be conditioned to stimulate learning that will satisfy learning objectives. Teachers must also encourage students learning and implement methods that are helpful to every individual student. Teachers must also encourage students learning and implement methods that are helpful to every individual student.

A school is a sanctuary, a hamlet for students.   Teachers and school leaders have the obligation to make sure students are following rules and responsibility to foster a safe environment. A teacher must always do self-examination, self-reflection and perform student’s assessments regularly.   Teachers are required to maintain order in the classroom by enforcing rules and guidelines set by the Administrators of the school.

Every child a teacher fail or neglect, that teacher is like a man who looks in the mirror turns around and forget what we looked like.


Gradual Release

Gradual release of responsibility requires a lot probing, and self-reflection to determine whether students are ready to perform an activity independently without a teacher’s aid.  This model allow students to build confidence and concretize their knowledge about a subject.  Students have the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills they have learn in reading and writing.
In most cases the teacher model the lesson first and while student observe, listen and think trying apply what was taught.

Technology in the Classroom

The use of technological applications presented itself as a very useful tool, that is necessary to produce work efficiently and effectively.     A computer without the internet is not very productive  and that is why it is important to understand students background and what is essentially the best form of teaching materials to use in class.  Technology, of course, is not the answer to all the problems faced by students with special needs.  Its successful use in the classroom will depend on the characteristics of individual students; the outcomes of the work that students accomplish; the task that meets that meets the needs of a particular student; and the functional use of the hardware and software.  It is noteworthy that Teachers take into account of the child that is not technology savvy or don’t have a personal computer.  He or she will start feeling neglect of the under achiever or afraid that the he or she might send the wrong message of a nonchalant, don’t care personality when this is not the case.
Being a reflective practitioner is a key component of teaching because a teacher can observe where students display strength or weakness.   This way the teacher will be able to create equilibrium and adjust curriculum to meet every student needs.  The final thought is that as education we have enter into a covenant with parents to act as transmitters; so we ought to prove ourselves competent.  the information we transport and transfer unto our students will either be the vehicle that deters the rise or fall of that student.

21st Century Learning

Twenty First Century Learning



Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is therefore

In essence, and by definition, education for the 21st century.


Developed ways to encourage learning in the classrooms


  • Engaging students as partners in their own learning
  • Harnessing the capacity of technology to engage learners and to optimize and amplify student learning and achievement
  • Emphasizing and teaching important higher-order skills such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity and entrepreneurship
  • Supporting educators in preparing our students for a rapidly changing, technology-driven, globalized world.

Personalizing classroom to enabled, engaged, and empowered to acquired knowledge and master skills

Developing curriculum to meet the needs of students

Arranging and rearranging classroom settings

Blended knowledge skills, specific skills, literacy e.g problem solving, communication,

Computer and digital literacy, information and technological skills, creativity, character and innovation

Students to have opportunity to record ideas using computers, use graphic organizers to plan

Curriculum delivery based on the four roles of the Literate Learner meaning maker,code user, text user and text analyzer

Reading writing oral and media literacy

There is an emphasis on creativity, innovation and “digital literacies,”

Classes are more learners centered

Building students on self-efficacy; to believe in the own ability because it boost self-confidence and academic achievements. And like wise the same goes for teachers.

Prescribed physical activities, such as dance, outdoor games etc.


Build professional learning communities where teachers can neteork

Collaboration among colleagues and exchanging ideas

Authentic learning introducing students to real-life problems


Computer and Assistive technology in the classroom


Class lecture covered different types of programs use4d in classroom to assist students with exceptionality. Some of these programs addressed were programs to help students with reading, scribing and mathematics.

Software that exist are Kurzweil –text to read software

Speech voice recognition software, dragon naturally speaking is speech to test software




Professional Learning Facilitator


 Constructivist is common term used for facilitation.   Taking the constructivist approach is the idea that a teacher scaffold, circle the classroom to ensure that students are working as expected.  The teacher also provide direction to students to keep them on task.   The class is more student centered that teacher centered, meaning student take responsibility for own learning.    Small group learning is also another means where peer sharing reinforces learning.

Some  skeptics believe that the constructivist approach consumes time waiting for students to make discovery on their own, while a teacher direct involvement reduces the amount of  trial and errors that student will make before successfully arriving with answers.