Woe to our bloody city

The cry of the afflicted has reached to heaven

Persecutors showed victims no pity

The cries of the wound has reached the Diety

Woe! Woe! Woe to the bloody city

Judgement of heaven is at hand

Wow to the band of robbers

Vindication, vindication, vindication of God

Natural man do not understand

Heathen say there is no God

They’ve taken siege of our land

Oh! Band of robbers

Judgement of God is upon you

Return! Return the labourers are few

Woe! woe to the bloody city

We have reached a time of your guilty verdict

No one will show you pity

For the blood of those slaughtered are crying out

The judge comes to dispel all doubt


Satanic Insanity

Reading the daily events and what is taking place around the world is insane. Just think about the inhumane characteristics of humanity. Imagine people going around with chain saw to kill others? Talking about REPENTANCE. It is both difficult and painful to imagine these men perishing in hell without Salvation because of an irrational decision. What really went wrong? What went through their minds to take such drastic measures, deciding to butcher other human beings?

A grim society is what we all have entered into. You people reading this piece, hear me and hear me well. This is not a sudden action, These are people that have been molded in a society of bloodshed. trainning starts really young, and before we know it, we have monsters rather than human beings. What I am speaking of is factual, so in order to prove it for yourselves, read JAW BONE: Brood of Vipers.

Let me tell you, the truth has cost me much, but it will save multitudes. Persecution in part is a reaction to bury truth. The greatness of meeting Truth is that I no longer reason with doubt, rather He has taught me to use discernment and our Lord does the judgements. Living in this society is not slump dunk, and you score a goal. When we see people moving around with purpose, most times life is not as honkey dorey as we assume it to be. Many commits grave crimes on a daily basis to keep Lucifer hunger satiated. In reality, many of these master minders have very sleepless nights. They are waiting for a prey with fear that if they don’t catch one, they become the substitute.

We hear others asked, isn’t life a bitch? Life is exactly what we choose to make of it. If you choose to rally for Jesus Christ, expect much persecution from idolaters and witchcraft. But remember God always prevail, and bring victory. God is life and to serve God means living. If you choose to raise a shield for Satan, expect much unrest and fire. Satan is the author of death.


Have you really take a good moment to watch how the corona virus (COVID19) chart move in ridicule motion?

Suddenly, its up and suddenly it is down. people do not know whether to rejoice or whether to be frightened. That is exactly how Satan move my friends. He moves up and down, back and forth to see whom he might devour. Moving up and down back and forth is the exact motion by which witches and worlocks move to gain grounds. While you are sleeping or eating, they are silently moving back and forth, back and forth.

If anyone is experiencing demonic/witchcraft attack like I am and I have; listen to me, we are experiencing a crucial moment in time where we ought to prepare the way for the Second Coming of JESUS. And if you do not know JESUS, then let this day be your day. A simple invitation, no stamp, no envelope, no money involve. It is as simple as saying Lord Jesus, Sorry that I haven’t invited you in. But today, Come into my heart and let your hear beat into mine that I may truly know your ways, Amen.

Hey Jesus is like your regular friend next door. Our Lord says so, that He is closer than a brother. You do not have to look far for him. He knocks on the of your heart every second. The question remains, “Are we listening and who is listening?” Jesus is such a gentleman, he will not badge in but he will keep on knocking hoping that just one day, you will be willing to open that door and invite Him in.

Jesus has become my greatest love, and I would not have things any other way. Well, Jesus have a way of calming our nerves in the storm, and like Him we learn to walk on water without flinching. The Corona Virus has not changed my perspective about anything. The one thing that is most troubling is seeing through the window of the soul (eyes) of those under the mask. Often times, an overwhelming sadness fills me to see how much deception is on the entire planet. And it is not the deception that hurts but how Christians alike are following suit. In that new movement, government officials are laughing. People, the signs are pretty clear. It is in the clothes that they wear, the colour that they are promoting, the messages that they are conveying. The signs are there. The signs are clear, crystal clear. We do not need a crystal bowl to see if we have JESUS.

Peradventure, you have fully taken in to the lies of the devil, look for clues, evidence, do some observation, analysis to reach a final conclusion. Do not be afraid to be critical, it is necessary in a time such as these.

Love from JESUS



Leaving my unit to find an outside restroom to release my bowels has been a constant struggle. During the COVID19 quarantine, this put my entire human system into arrested development. I went to release my bowels (poop) every six to seven days. Whenever and which ever place I went, witches and warlocks time and monitored my activities. They operate as a network, they move as a troop and they hounded me down silly.

Yesterday July 6, 2020, after four days living my body could no longer contain the hellish torture and torment of the heated coven. While on my way out, there was a loud cry coming from inside. This feeling drilled a hole in my soul and I felt compelled to call another friend that is under the same witchcraft operation. When she answered the phone, she was excited to hear my voice so I told her, “I need some human contact”. We agreed to meet at a Time Hortens at Manchester street and Gerrard. We had a very long walk and a very strong conversation exchanging notes. And the conversation drew us into discussing other women in the same predicament. She expressed her sadden story about another friend that was strong enough so she broke down and is now on Psychiatric medication.

As a prophet of GOD, speaking out is what I have been called to do. This country where wickedness and bloodshed are desirable practices by many, we ought to know what this religion entails. Outlining in a series of five books some of the most devastating and detrimental cases encountered throughout , and still living under the claws of black crows, I find solace in spreading information about the dangers that lurks at our doors. This assignment has been mandated by JESUS to spread out the truth and reality that is behind witchcraft.

Overcoming evil and moving from the positon of living in fear to living in Christ is where I draw my strength and I will persevere and push the boundaries, and push the envelope until a new law and human rights movement change the face of death by religion. If it has to be through writing, let this new insight be a new perspective and new pair of looking glass with a new set of vision. All the spectacle that is going on during the COVID19, many more lives continue to perish through witchcraft.

I sent out letters to the government of CANADA all of them, as well as the television media, guess what none of them replied. They believed that by ignoring the letter that I would go away, GOD would go away. But I say no way.

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