Walking the narrow path leads to a fruitful field
The enemy may come to pitched his fork in the way
But we shall not be moved or swayed
The Lord walks beside us as a shield


Though we may be struck down
We continue our aim to wear heaven’s crown
Our reward is great when the race is over
We do not need to wait till Passover
It is a small price to pay
The Lord will lead us to the finish line
Though we may meet with delay along the way
Victory is  as sweet as fermented wine


Then we begin to understand why God is Divine
Like a fail heart beat we need Him to lengthen time
We begin to see the useless use of a stop watch
Knowing in God’s sight the enemy is no match


For there is nothing that equates God on planet earth
The sooner He removes the blind
We receive a new heart and a change of mind
We begin to seek Him with every breath


Treading through the narrow road
Watching pitched fork remove all the way










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