Hear the word of the LORD Oh! you parasites

I come to drive you out the window

I am no  spectator in your show

I come to exterminate you with Holy Ghost fire

My righteous reward shines like the dawn

Oh! You who come to penetrate like thorns

With Jesus nothing matters

I come to wash you off  clean with Holy Water

Have you no knowledge of my Father’s Only Son

My vindication is like the noon day sun


Hear the word of the Lord Oh! you parasites

Like grass you shall soon wither

I come to exterminate with Holy Ghost  fire

Remember all you thrust down my throat that once tasted bitter

Here to exterminate parasites

Here to remove you out of my sight

Though the wicked bend their bow and draw their sword

I come with the Word of God as my sword

The Lord contends with those who contends with me

He answers my plea and rescue me











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