Wicked machinery to weaken your intestines are operating day and night.  The water is being poisoned every second that you open the pipe lines. working. please a glimpse into some of content in the book JAWBONE to see what the Lord is speaking to His children.  Many of the messages the Lord set before was provided as an Acronyms.  Through research, I have been able to analyze and compare the messages give to me by God.  HYDRAULIC deals with the water system.  Several other acronyms were provided and each have many components and are associated with various meanings, but the primary subject has to do with the water system.  On the other hand, the DCNA system deals with security system. Though many of the clues the LORD presented to me, it is a means to unravel the niche and perfect mold of how mankind are exposed, exploited, under government system set in place.  God is not a man to compartmentalize truth or crimes.

I pray that all the followers that reigns and follow the children of GOD around in homes will eventually find Christ.  For every man will will be rewarded for his work on this planet earth.  Whatever you sow, so shall you reap and it will be double for their trouble.  Nothing goes on unnoticed by God, so if you manufacture lies, lies you shall produce. God is not a man that can be fooled.  The Bible says let you nay be nay and your yeah be yeah.  If you are going to deal with the children of God through deception, remember that God makes no exception.  To be continued!…

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