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Writing is my healing balm. The Lord has given me the pen of a ready writer. Not only does writing draw me closer to God, it helps me to get in touch of my innate being to pray the inner man to rise to the level of the Holy Spirit.

Too often have I fought to gain acceptance by man and instead met with defeat. But today, challenges are my foot stool, it is what gives me steps to climb higher on the ladder. I give glory to my Heavenly Father. When the Holy Spirit began to manifest within, the war in the physical realm has already been won.

When victimization was classified as a pitfall, life seem to dig new holes for me to fall into. Rather than running away from the challenge, I have learnt to challenge the challenge. The things that once seems like pitons, or mountains that could not be climb, I have learn to go around that mountain and cause it to shift. The Holy Spirit is my lift. I am riding that elevator happy looking down at the enemy.

I know that without a doubt that the Lord is the sustainer of my soul. Though I was once neither lukewarm, nor hot nor cold, I say thank God that Jesus pulled me off the back burner before I could roast or burn. I say thank You Jesus the moment You came to save me and told me that it was my turn.

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