Journalism 102 – Building a foundation analysing time and space means occupying space.   This Historic season of COVID19 provides me the moment to hone my skills. A skilled athlete requires lots of training and intense workout to develop muscular strength.
While opponents are spilling chemicals in my pathway to plague me with muscular dys’strophy, I am training side by side with opponents for the trophy. No longer will they be able to inject victims and subjects with cerebral palsy.  The hands of the strongman working my brain over head is being detached from its very attachment. The tendency for these wicked men and women to operate surgical incisions in human flesh in the spiritual realm is widening. Cutting through others tendons with switch blades and sucking out narrow of human bones leaving them for death and for decapitation is not meant to be visible or obvious.  This is why no torch has ever shone in this dark crevices boiling deep down in the pit of hell. A man must be willing to light the torch, carry it and run with it.
The compartments hidden in every crevices in Canadian homes by unrighteous men and women leaving behind eyesores are slowly peeling away. Disrobing and exposing the artificial arts and crafts of witchcraft is leaving behind cracked walls, scars and scabs from wounded souls.
Being thrown and thrust into cracked homes where the blood of souls are crying out in the North, South, East and West is more disturbing than complaints of loud noises coming from land lords and tenants who did not want this reality to be exposed. Because of the Blood of the Lamb responding to the cry of the blood of  dead souls, great panic is rising out of death components of opponent’s skillful, willful slaughters position in slaughterhouses.   Having been under experiment as an experimental money, learning new tricks and understanding tools, methodological techniques, habits, deviant determination of the scientists  approach, my quest is to outnumber, outsmart and outlive every conquest.
My experience and sufferings is to bring enlightenment and awareness to those living in darkness. The reason why I won this match is because the shed Blood of the conqueror Jesus Christ has given me the victory.  I do not have to hide nor run from enemies. The race as St. Paul puts it is founded upon perseverance, stamina, power of the Holy Spirit, magnitude and the Might of Jesus Christ’s words that releases dynamite.
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