Journalism 105 – Fake news, fake politics equates fake politicians. It comes as early morning coffee brews. It also applies to those that come as technicians, those that come as law enforcements, those that come as  musicians and so on.

Hey! They have kept mankind’s wealth as hidden  relics.  The political battle to restrain, build constrains to retain illegal substances is fierce.  They develop inside war among family members to dismember, dismantle, deconstruct truth through discord.  Surely, they want to control who knows the truth. I am not buying antiques.  I am building semantics.  I am not digesting no fake news. They are fighting for words for truth to remain few.

My cell phone is their monitoring device.  Their weapons is the only other subject in my midst.  That very device, my phone is what allowed me to catch the rats that came to steal my cheese.  If another man wants to refute or use rebuttals, I say please.

You see, the devil wants a scape goat.  They thought that they had already buried Joseph and soil his robe of many colours. There is a reality that no one expects to happen is for Joseph to resurface with power, prestige, honour, and political drive.  They have fought me to suppress my inner-ambition.  Everyone who is fighting me, especially family members does not know that there is a Joseph inside of me, that God sent to bring liberation.

As for those embracing COVID19 crying out, let the world know that COVID19 is not my portion. I reject that devil and all his pomps and cohorts.  I rebuke Satan, Jesus came and confirm that Satan has fallen down into the lake of fire. Satan do not like his position, nor his children.  They are fighting to trade places, and the most powerful stance they have now is trading on the ocean and COVID19.

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