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Lady Justice 2 Painting by Marcella Chapman


May this be our prayer
Let the word of God vindicate victims
Listen you un-repented hearts
The eyes of God watches over nations
Lord drive out our enemies
Oh! Heathens! Release God’s people out of slavery
Armies of God are rising in bravery
Oh! You Heathens
May the heavens you use be dark and slippery
May the constellations be unresponsive to your command
Let there be no more evil deeds
The army of God is rising like sand
Lord drive out our enemies
You heathens, may the sky over your head turn to bronze
And the ground beneath you bronze
Let the ocean cough out your hidden silver, gold and bronze
Let the angel of the Lord repossess our stolen goods and
May the rain in your country turn to dust and power
Let the wicked release everything, every once
May they that come one way flee seven different directions
Let enemies become a thing of horror to all kingdoms on earth
May they become food for jackals
Break their stubborn pride
Afflict them Oh God that bring affliction and infections
Hear Ye the word of the Lord
Lord let the boil of Egypt, festering sores and the itch overtake the enemies
The Lord will afflict you with madness, blindness, and confusion of the mind
Hear Ye the word of the Lord
You that rule with injustice and unjust laws
May you grope about like a blind person in the dark
Lord break their bars asunder
Hear ye the word of the Lord
The Lord will erase your evil decrees and marks
And remove your heavy yokes
May you be unsuccessful in everything you do
Then you wickedness will utterly overtake you
May there be no one to rescue you
People who you do not know will reap what you sow
You will wear out your eyes watching for them day and night
The sight you see will drive you mad
For you have forsaken the Lord’s laws
You tyrants who reap the Lord’s people to pieces
And throw them in the lion’s jaws







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