Accountable Talk

Advertisements Save the Last Word for Me! ~ Consider the text. Does one particular sentence (or group of sentences) “speak” to you? Is there a passage that seems to be particularly interesting or important? ~ Choose a sentence or snippet of text that you especially like or that you think is most important. ~ WriteContinue reading “Accountable Talk”

Advertisements Vocabulary  (Mathematics) decimal Definition: A fraction (as .25 = 25/100 or .025 = 25/1000) or mixed number (as 3.025 = 3-25/1000) in which the denominator is a power of 10 usually expressed by use of the decimal point . Context: We use decimals when we count money. elapsed time Definition: The actual time takenContinue reading

Reflective Practitioner

Advertisements Surface Reflection Teachers that are concern with what works in the classroom to keep students quiet and maintain order, rather than with any consideration.  In other words  it is someone concern with self interest. Reflective Practitioner A reflective practitioner learn from experience engages in ongoing Self development workshops or courses. He continues to solicitsContinue reading “Reflective Practitioner”

Methods in Teaching Primary Junior Grades

Advertisements Course code: EDU 43 Processor: Frank J. Savoia Date:  Fri August 4, 2015 Highlight of today~~~~~”No one will remember you”. The example of this quote was used simply for learner story understand the benefits and the purpose of building a good reputation between colleagues, parents and students as teachers.  One of the story that canContinue reading “Methods in Teaching Primary Junior Grades”

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