Woe to our bloody city The cry of the afflicted has reached to heaven Persecutors showed victims no pity The cries of the wound has reached the Diety Woe! Woe! Woe to the bloody city Judgement of heaven is at hand Wow to the band of robbers Vindication, vindication, vindication of God Natural man doContinue reading “WOE! WOE! WOE!”

Satanic Insanity

Reading the daily events and what is taking place around the world is insane. Just think about the inhumane characteristics of humanity. Imagine people going around with chain saw to kill others? Talking about REPENTANCE. It is both difficult and painful to imagine these men perishing in hell without Salvation because of an irrational decision.Continue reading “Satanic Insanity”


Have you really take a good moment to watch how the corona virus (COVID19) chart move in ridicule motion? Suddenly, its up and suddenly it is down. people do not know whether to rejoice or whether to be frightened. That is exactly how Satan move my friends. He moves up and down, back and forthContinue reading “ITS UP AND ITS DOWN”


Leaving my unit to find an outside restroom to release my bowels has been a constant struggle. During the COVID19 quarantine, this put my entire human system into arrested development. I went to release my bowels (poop) every six to seven days. Whenever and which ever place I went, witches and warlocks time and monitoredContinue reading “WITCHCRAFT”

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