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Canadian economy has been striving on the most diabolical networks and ways ever imagine.  Having said that, we will examine homelessness, leading to hopelessness, joblessness leading to financial depredation, over population leading to congestion. One cannot dissect the economy without addressing population.  The ultimate purpose of increase or influx of new comers is bring higher level of economic boom.  It is not through education but rather through harvesting what citizens have gain through hard labour.  These men and women come to Canada, claim ownership of older citizens belongings.  Practically, they  all come and just claim the donkey and begin to ride them immediately.
After visiting my storage department to make a payment, I discover that my storage compartment is yet once again targeted after a two weeks late payment.  An extra lock had already been added to the storage room.  In 2012,  I encountered the same situation, and that time around, I was rather uneducated.  They stole my unit with all my writing, and my property without any compassion. Back then it never occurred that the a chain is affiliated with  this homelessness, the un-sheltered that began to arise in Toronto, Canada.  Storage companies have made primarily almost all people I associate with victims of homelessness.
When I, a citizen of Canada  was forced to seek refuge as a homeless victim, many refugee people that came to Canada live under the same shelter, but the sooner they would find home to move away live on they own. Now allow me to give you an examination of how is this possible.  Refugee and new comers have more rights than citizens because special funding are available for them for housing, schooling, and surviving as free agents.  These same refugee come and get citizenship in no time and begin to be part of big business owners.  Storage companies are the widest and biggest operations.  My story is not from observation but rather through victimization.  I have been stoked and stroked way too often to remain silent.  These storage strategies and tragedies must be exposed.  These storage subject need to be addressed during COVID19 since has remain an operation that has greatly boom in a weaken economy in Canada.
To be continued
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