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Viewers take not of the tense in the subject ahead.  Jesus was come to equalized, neutralize, legalized, naturalized, materialized, normalized lives of mankind and more demonstrated, illustrated, and recorded as symbols of Truth.  Before moving forward, let me remind viewers that I have not hesitated to say that there is a God of Moses, Jacob, Samson, and so on.  There is also a God of Alexandra that rats tried to chew away slowly.
The idea for the statute of liberty above is to address the statute of liberty in the Canadian government. For a better glimpse and reading check  The information written in the constitutions states:
The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, or simply the Charter, is the most visible and recognized part of Canada’s Constitution. The Charter guarantees the rights of individuals by enshrining those rights, and certain limits on them, in the highest law of the land. Since its enactment in 1982, the Charter has created a social and legal revolution in Canada. It has expanded the rights of minorities and criminal defendants, transformed the nature and cost of criminal investigations and prosecutions, and subjected the will of Parliament and the legislatures to judicial scrutiny — an ongoing source of controversy. 
Allow me elaborate on what I am about to demonstrate, illustrate, and show those reading my works especially Christians that have been stuck in all types of bondages, be it be financial, credit card, storage bondage, or any other types of bondage, be free to add some more on my website.

Patriation of the Constitution

The illustration above is a signing of the constitutions by the queen.   Our bondage is sealed in many ways, and remember that the queen is station in London England, not in Canada or any other countries.  Folks our umbilical cords are tied to queen in such a powerful way, it is beyond understanding.   But remember that JESUS said that I have come that you might have life and life in abundance.  This picture is a sure demonstration of those members involve in the tying, the enslavement, in arresting of your progression in life.  Keep in mind that people do not sign treaties without belonging to mob, class, upper class, status, authoritarian parties.  Recognize theese faces and realize that they are people of high calibre, right up on the ladder, at the very tip of the pyramid.

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This picture is showing us that the foreman at the very top of the ladder is giving the order.  The second man in power of motion is standing akimbo, hands on a side.  These are the security guard or superintendent is just making sure ever thing is in order and that the job is being done. And thirdly, you and I the under dogs are pulling the barrel or cart up the ladder.  Don’t shoot the messenger, it is prophetic.  Society has kept us at brick level since time, and one of the ways they have continued to blindly demonstrated this is through the use of primitive examples that they were hoping would never amount to nothing.

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As an informant, I hope that through this short piece of information, we will all see the goodness of the LORD, as he calls forth for Pharaoh to let my people go. Remember God do not want your sandals, nor is He in need of bricks or buildings.  He is calling forth the Israelite out of Pharaoh’s rulings and teachings.  Believe it not many will asked are we Israelite, and will even deny  it.  In the  final closure, the truth is in one sentence.  Remember how the high officials, teachers, law makers and the like of them like to say that: “History repeat itself,” well there you have the answer in a nutshell.


I grew up in the beautiful island of Saint Lucia. Migrated to Toronto Canada since 1988 and has resided in Toronto ever since. I studied at Seneca College and graduated with a Diploma in General Arts and Science (GAS). Afterward, I started an under graduate at University of Toronto majoring in English. I am still still registered as a Woods Worth Student. I went on to pursue a degree in Adult Education at Brock University where I graduated in 2009. Now I am presently a Niagara University student enrolled in the Teacher Education program (BPS). I am known for my ambition to follow through with commitments and help others as well

I worked as a Teacher's Aid at the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). I am also worked as a Security Guard, and Sales Associate at the Bay occasionally. Currently I am employed with a financial institution as a Lending Specialist.

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