You are to distribute this land among yourselves according to the tribes of Israel.  You are to alllot it as an inheritance for yourselves and for the foreigners residing among you and who have children.  you are to consider them as native-born Israelites; along with you they are to be allotted an inheritance among the tribes of Israel.  In what ever tribe a foreigner resides, there you are to give them their inheritance, declares the soverign Lord.  Ezekiel 47: 21.
According the Scriptural verse above, a decree and declaration that must come to pass.  As we all know that the role of the un-godly is to hack into God’s plans and God’s truth.  SUPPOSEDLY – None believers or luke warm Christians are not inept to question or research truth.  Truth in itself is the Bible and without that knowledge we seek, we rely on others to explain truth. In this piece, allow me to dissect the scripture above and why it is the reason behind COVID19.  We also know that Satan is the father of lies and his job is to send unrighteous men and women among us to throw us into confusion. The opposite of nakedness is clothed. The opposite of cloaked is uncloaked.  The opposite of veil is unveil.  The opposite is of masked is bare, to unmasked.  The opposite of genuine is plastic.  The opposite of spectacle is spectacular haha!!. The opposite of blindness is 20/20 vision. Where truth does not reside, satan(ists) lies.  The devil has sent men and women of all caliber, all ranks, all types, all class to contend with God’s truth.
There is a higher power bellowing or boiling beneath the belly of the ocean operating under the mask of COVID19.  Trials and tragedies that proceed and precedes such wicked forces in operation are territorial and ceremonial. The truth that really speaks in this fatal period is factual and testimonials of that men can only speculate about what struck nations. First and far most, hear the answers that is presented here straight from the headquarters of heaven.  What we are dealing with is technological, psychological, philosophical, theological, archeological, sociological and is thriving logically. We learn to give in to publicity or public forums because they are referred to as voice of reason. The reality of truce is two folds, spiritual and physical.
Technologically, human or man made devices are the main outlets to spread propaganda.  Through lies and deception, the media has been the most sort  after ways to extract news.  It is of no regret that I am here to refute the falsity of every piece of information that sift through or generated through the media.  In actuality, the news that we have been given is to deviate, alleviate, eradicate facts, that is a reality behind every event.
Psychologically, the mind games about the elevation and acceleration of the  virus is to escalate fake results to raise up the level of fear that mankind experience.  Fear carries along with it lots of other tragic symptoms.  Most of the number one objective is to cause death. The play on the psyche is one of the most effective way that leaders, master minders can build followers and get others to follow them. Examples are Marshall Applewhite an American cult leader who organized a mass suicide. Jim Jones ordered a number of his followers to commit suicide.  Then we have Joseph Di Mambro and Luc Jouret, David Koresh, and several others. Please see
Philosophically, the main idea behind the term is the play on words, a way to exalt man based on their ranks, status, caliber, title etcetera.  What all this embodies is the fact that mankind has build their commitment and expectations on high influential folks.  We all have grown to comply, abide, conform with societal expectations.
Theologically, there is an undercurrent of spiritual war taking place in the physical.  You see, COVID19 is a shadow, and everything and everyone is chasing it.  the idea of chasing a shadow is to see elements and images of things that do not exist.  We all know that people see spirits, shadows, or ghost that passes by or through, but theses images are not tangible, or concrete.
Archeologically, human being have learned to exhume or resume things that have long gone extinct or mummified.   The idea behind it all is to bring the dead back to life in such a sense that people begin to relive historical historicism.  The twentieth century is the age of Nebuchadnezzer. Remember Nebucadnezzer’s dream entails four metals, the stonehenge. The prehistoric clay, iron age, bronze age, and gold ideally are representations of the different stages of centuries or ages mankind have and must endure and encounter. Some of which have passed and some that are about to happen.
Sociologically, building constraints through the fundamental principals of logic known as the laws of contradiction, law of excluded middle, and the  law of principle of identity.  According to the definition in Google: This occurs when someone uses the testimony of an authority to warrant their conclusion. Allow me to explain these laws not by definition but through Biblical truce.  Biblical practicum gives us various decree, laws, principles and rules and regulations. Within this laws, is one of which stress on respect of authority, and with that in mind is the fallacy of appeal to authority through logical strategies.  With that in mind, take into account the restraining orders passed from the Satan’s office to government institutions and every other public institutions functioning and funding through government pockets.  The techniques set in place by government of parliament is an appeal to weaker public members with weak frameworks. What this truly says to us is not everything that is presented to us is true.  Not all or everything that has scales are fishes, for example if a sign that says “Beware of the dog”, it is not always implying a dog exist.  Dog or no dog, the writing on the wall is meant to dissuade, deviate, distract, and force another man to change course. These rules are written and set in place throughout humanity but there are particular human beings with immunity, immunization, exemption, and exclusions.
Law of excluded middle does exactly what it means.  If you are operating as a middle class, middle man, then therefore the roof over your head is unholy, unwholly and full of holes. There are cracks in the systems for citizens to fall into to make room for none citizens.  Haven’t we notice how quickly that new comers gets  citizenship today?   Read my books to learn about the treaties that Canadian Government signed with foreign government.  It is like a disaster waiting to happen because we have undercover grave diggers removing sand in your structure to make your foundation shaky.  The men and women known as upper class are perpetrators victimizing the lower class and they acting as neighbours and landlord, but they are sent to remove the sand under your feet to dis-sensitized human sensitivity to reality and dis-senationalize the fact that pallbearers and grave diggers are lying wait in our midst  thus leaving the vulnerable without protection. How should we call sneaky or snaky? They also serve as civil servants in high profession.  They work together as officers and teachers of the law, and refer to each other as friends.
Now principles of identity is the number one operation to target  human identity, through extraction of Deoxyribonucleic (DNA) in COVID19 is the widest criminalize operations. Our DNA is the hottest commodity on the market today. Men and women of God, everything or subject lies on the principles and foundation of the Scriptural verses. Despite how powerful a man portrays him/herself to be, it is all pitiful, pitiful. Ecclesiastes tells us everything is vanity, vanity, vanity, and is for the sake of vain glory. They kill for money, money and more money.
Glory be to the master of the Universe who called me forth out of nothingness, and the devil tries to ensure that my hands are completely empty.  God has demonstrated, illustrated and showed those portrayed themselves as powerful men and women working against that in my nothing He is more powerful. God is strongest in my weakness. For it for this reason that government of Canada robbed me through and through hoping to stop God’s prophecies.  No human being can stop the prophecies of God, and not even Satan because he does not possess that power.  The legal Blood of Jesus on this earth crystalize every spoken word in the Bible.  Jesus came and says, I saw Satan falling down like lightening, and that is a done deal too, certified and sealed in Jesus’s legal Blood. The one thing that they cannot steal is King Jesus, Master of the Universe.  You see, all the educational lessons that I was compelled to take that once seemed futile and useless is paying off big time.
Logically, Ad hominem fallacy is standardized testing but it is no mathematical equations. It is built on the basis of various arguments with various degree of answers. Everything we are taught is to raise some sort of skepticism, confusion or controversey to dilute truth.  We live in an age where everything that we have been taught, learn and know are formulated with  Bible verses. It is fundamental that we know that a pyramid is drawn to classify, label, stigmatize, racializes, criminalize, and to socialize.  How do we call this? prejudicial, discriminatory, separticism, well I have already put into writing the meaning of these big, huge extravagant, exaggerated, exuberant, extraordinary vocabularies.   The world is laden with fallacies that is suppose to keep us in the dark.  Nothing that officials have taught us is official.  Rather, Bible truth have been prepared for us like Shepherd’s Pie. Everything has been grind and blended as one just as the pot pouri, multicultural or melting pot as have been told to explain secular living.  The ultimatum of household prison is an ultimate prism.  In that people cone shaped temple they are trying to build is to trap mankind in like polluted air.  However, whom the Lord sets free is free in deed. The people financed and funded by government were sent in all manner to stall me through threats.  They use threats of jail time, evictions, court cases, spiritual attacks, physical attacks and much more.  Hey!!! I gave birth to Jesus without a midwife.  Despite it all, the pen of a ready is all the weapon God uses.
Therefore this is what the Sovereign Lord says: My servants will eat but you will go hungry; my servants will drink, but you will go thirsty; my servants will rejoice but you will be put to shame.  My servants will sing out of the joy of their heart, but you will cry out from anguish of heart and wail in brokenness of spirit.







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