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Journalism 102 – Not only was COVID19 planned, the LORD said to me that teachers snitched.  Teachers fought me in all types of manner before COVID19 surfaced, so that I would not reveal the prophetic revelations given to me by God.  They fought to bring me down and make me powerless. In order  for the word of the Lord to be wiped out, bringing all types of harm to me through witchcraft. Witchcraft portion was prepared inside  educational institutions. Men and women that works with society and children, and such people ranked as high class let their guards down because they did not know what I knew.

These teachers burnt witchcraft portions in the back of classrooms to fight me.  Principals fired me without any justifiable cause to get rid of me. The problem is that they never anticipated the power of the Holy Spirit within. The attempt was to trick me to walk away from the job. Instead I raised up a standard against God’s enemies, and after several attempt to eradicate and terminate my position, they snitched to Satan who came up with the genius  plague.  If you are wondering why would they do that, answers are in the books that I published during the covid19 virus.

I mentioned in my publications what these puppet masters are doing to innocent children and how student are sermon to carry out evil commands.  Thus the reason why we have so many students with learning disabilities, retardation, lacking wisdom and understanding to carry out class activities. Essentially, these children are being programmed to do teacher’s dirty work, to even bully adults and other students in the same league with them. Many parents/people are concern about their child but will hopelessly dismiss concerns.

Right now I am sharing my knowledge after many trials, trauma and in total displacement.  My assignment by God does not put boundaries between my circumstances, situation or location. While the devil’s children attempted to drive me out into destitution and hopelessness, the Holy Spirit is the one navigating the odds. The flesh and citizens have spoken lies in my ears to drive me out, forced me to move, and to make a hopeless, homeless street wanderer out of me.

One thing, Satanists are experts about knowing how to cause division, discord among families.  The young lady where I am is constantly crying out with headaches.  Puppets masters are sitting right over her head to pull her brain.  They are doing the same to me but I often stand up to them and shut the heavens by which they gain their source of power. They realized that I was putting a damper on their performances, this is when they began to fight back.  They tried to make her kick me out after three days after my arrival coming up with a complaint about my praying. One of the great battles that I had to fight was with school teachers.  I learn not to be complacent.

In the process, I can certainly say that I have lost confidence in man. The greatest lesson the Lord taught me in all this is revealing truth and realizing that my persecution is my testimony and my testimony is my victory. I learn that if I shield the wicked, I sacrifice my own soul. The very first time I dedicated my life to Christ, I made a request to see His face like Moses.  Although I have not had a physical encounter, I have had multiple visitations in the spirit realm. The most heart felt one was the day I saw Jesus Carrying a heavy rustic cross on His shoulders and His body was stained with blood. I had my biological sister with me and I urged her to look back to see Jesus, but she could not see Him.  It was very near Christmas season and the image plastered on my mind, and as I narrated the event to another Christian friend, I could not help but wail.  Today, I still blessed and fortunate; and I still get  angelic visitations



I grew up in the beautiful island of Saint Lucia. Migrated to Toronto Canada since 1988 and has resided in Toronto ever since. I studied at Seneca College and graduated with a Diploma in General Arts and Science (GAS). Afterward, I started an under graduate at University of Toronto majoring in English. I am still still registered as a Woods Worth Student. I went on to pursue a degree in Adult Education at Brock University where I graduated in 2009. Now I am presently a Niagara University student enrolled in the Teacher Education program (BPS). I am known for my ambition to follow through with commitments and help others as well

I worked as a Teacher's Aid at the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). I am also worked as a Security Guard, and Sales Associate at the Bay occasionally. Currently I am employed with a financial institution as a Lending Specialist.

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