Satanic Insanity


Reading the daily events and what is taking place around the world is insane. Just think about the inhumane characteristics of humanity. Imagine people going around with chain saw to kill others? Talking about REPENTANCE. It is both difficult and painful to imagine these men perishing in hell without Salvation because of an irrational decision. What really went wrong? What went through their minds to take such drastic measures, deciding to butcher other human beings?

A grim society is what we all have entered into. You people reading this piece, hear me and hear me well. This is not a sudden action, These are people that have been molded in a society of bloodshed. trainning starts really young, and before we know it, we have monsters rather than human beings. What I am speaking of is factual, so in order to prove it for yourselves, read JAW BONE: Brood of Vipers.

Let me tell you, the truth has cost me much, but it will save multitudes. Persecution in part is a reaction to bury truth. The greatness of meeting Truth is that I no longer reason with doubt, rather He has taught me to use discernment and our Lord does the judgements. Living in this society is not slump dunk, and you score a goal. When we see people moving around with purpose, most times life is not as honkey dorey as we assume it to be. Many commits grave crimes on a daily basis to keep Lucifer hunger satiated. In reality, many of these master minders have very sleepless nights. They are waiting for a prey with fear that if they don’t catch one, they become the substitute.

We hear others asked, isn’t life a bitch? Life is exactly what we choose to make of it. If you choose to rally for Jesus Christ, expect much persecution from idolaters and witchcraft. But remember God always prevail, and bring victory. God is life and to serve God means living. If you choose to raise a shield for Satan, expect much unrest and fire. Satan is the author of death.

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