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Speaking form the stand point of a woman of color, I am black. Yet I’d rather be know as a woman of GOD. When GOD created the heavens and the earth, and everything thereof, he took a step back and look. He said, “it is all good”. Therefore, my worth is not in my image or skin pigmentation. Guess what? When GOD called me out as a prophet/prophetess of GOD, He said to me, “I called you because of your voice”.

Guess what, my voice was one part of my genetic makeup that I always wish was sweet, soft and melodious. Instead, I bear this thick tuff accent that cannot change even how hard I have tried in the pass to possess a soft high note. All these years of growing up, there was always something that I, as a woman wanted changed. Then I would look at my big bulbous nose, I would hold my nostrils together to make it look what we considered “acceptable” to human or societal standards. There were days that I’d wish that I had some availability to some riches to perform a “nose job”. The only job the land in which I’d chosen as homeland offered me was no job, and guess what “no nose job” either. The long battle to find stability had me crying and realizing that this country did me some dis-service, and some terrible injustices through rejection upon rejection.

Guess what, sitting on a park bench in the middle of COVID19, the” dark land of desolation” called TORONTO has taught me a very unfavorable, undesirable, unforgettable lesson. The wild vine that sprout out of witchcraft and wickedness that once trapped me in the vortex of hell is beginning to unwind. The comforting words of the comforter is my pillar of strength. Everything is looking gloomy, and everyone is under the same dome in the stormy pandemic. The LORD said to me, “though it tarry, wait for it” and therefore, the attitude of the impatient man that I once possess has been lifted to a high degree. So until then, I shall wait for God.

While I am waiting for GOD, it is an acceptance period and that is learning to accept the things that I cannot change. Although my mind and body is under constant manipulation by witches and wizards, and the severe punctured wounds brings me much pain and unrest, I will persevere. Although it may seem that GOD is being delayed, I will wait.

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By sonsonite

I grew up in the beautiful island of Saint Lucia. Migrated to Toronto Canada since 1988 and has resided in Toronto ever since. I studied at Seneca College and graduated with a Diploma in General Arts and Science (GAS). Afterward, I started an under graduate at University of Toronto majoring in English. I am still still registered as a Woodsworth Student. I went on to pursue a degree in Adult Education at Brock University where I graduated in 2009. Now I am presently a Niagara University student enrolled in the Teacher Education program (BPS).

I currently work as a Teacher's Assistant at the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). I am also actively working as a Security Guard, and I also work as a Sales Associate at the Bay occasionally.

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