There is a wall on my heart with a long ladder where witches and warlocks have been climbing back and forth for seven years. I have gone through much torment, torture and trials. During this last days with wars and rumours of wars, all types of rebellions are rising for the sake of religion. The battle for skin color is becoming one of the fastest growing schemes of the devil where participation from all types of race are claiming blackness.

The fight is not about skin pigmentation, for this war has been going on long before JESUS CHRIST chose me from the side lines and to work in His vineyard. The seriousness of what I am encountering everyday is not human. During these wild encountering with idolaters and experiencing witchcraft manipulations has left my emotions raw.

When mind manipulations of the wicked approved as a medical condition and even have a medical term, it is crushing to watch those who have died through what is passed and classified as doctors diagnosis. During the seven years with JESUS, the astounding revelations that JESUS gave me revealing methodical approaches, techniques, manipulations, vices and devices used in witchcraft is mind blowing. I would like to point readers who are reading this piece to turn to my books. They are helpful and life saving resources produced straight from heavenly helpers.

The book Eziekiel’s Prophecy:COVID19 and Jaw Bone carries a surmountable amount of information that will save lives, and I mean lives. Now it time that people that are under mental and physical attack go beyond just doctor’s diagnosis.
I could go on and on, however, everything is already laid out for readers to see, and I left no stone unturned.

I am living in a home where I am being trampled upon day and night, day and night. The enemies of my soul hound me down like jackals. They have attempted all types of ways to frighten and threatened me to give up fulfilling God’s prophecy. It is only through perseverance and gusto that I fulfilled God’s desire for my life and I will never give up fighting. JESUS has already won that battle on the cross way before He called out from the matrix of my mother’s womb.

I will never stand on the sidelines with fiends at my side any more, and all pretending to be friends. I have overcome the need to feel a sense of belonging, for I belong to JESUS.
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