EDU 430 Methods of Teaching in the Primary/Junior grades

Education is a vital function of every nation because it is the pathway to communication. It is through education that nations are built culturally, politically and economically.   It is my belief that a teacher must be authentic with enthusiasm to break barriers and raise the bar. A great teacher possesses distinguished qualities that cannot be measured. Formulating my philosopher of education statement, the focus is on key principles that are fundamental for human existence.   They are theological, psychological, political and sociological aspects of human behaviour that corresponds with education.

My theological belief is that a teacher is one who performs deep surgical operation of the soul and dies to flesh (self) to develop self control, humility, compassion and the desire to bring about goodness in her students. With a wounded spirit, and wounded heart spring empathy and compassion. A teacher must take the role of a servant to exercise good leadership, and he must be able to provide constant support to students. A teacher is one whose enthusiasm is dedicated to bring about change with on going quest to strive to break barriers and ensure that no child is left to feel inferior.

Looking from a psychological stand point, people are bands of energy. Our energy gets transmitted through encounter with others. Exuding energy that invigorates the environment is absolutely necessary for classroom unity. Possessing a character that is impartial, domesticated, vibrant, benevolent, cooperative along with strong will power is the recipe for success. A teacher that is bias will only cause delay in student’s progress


Politically, the education system is governed by a hierarchy of rules set in place by a democratic society. In the twentieth century era, every part of society is framed by government mandate. Technology is rapidly changing teaching applications in schools and teachers must continue to take professional development courses to keep updated with modern technology. The educator’s role is to demonstrate self-sufficiency with mastery in teaching. In order to maintain a reputation that is untainted, teachers must guard themselves with all diligence.

The sociological perspective of education ties to communication, collaboration, and community development in institutions.   A huge emphasis is placed on communicating information, building community and collaborating with stake holders and parents for the benefit of creating meaningful and efficient ways to help students. Teachers have to adapt and be conditioned to stimulate learning that will satisfy learning objectives. Teachers must also encourage students learning and implement methods that are helpful to every individual student. Teachers must also encourage students learning and implement methods that are helpful to every individual student.

A school is a sanctuary, a hamlet for students.   Teachers and school leaders have the obligation to make sure students are following rules and responsibility to foster a safe environment. A teacher must always do self-examination, self-reflection and perform student’s assessments regularly.   Teachers are required to maintain order in the classroom by enforcing rules and guidelines set by the Administrators of the school.

Every child a teacher fail or neglect, that teacher is like a man who looks in the mirror turns around and forget what we looked like.


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