21st Century Learning

Twenty First Century Learning



Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is therefore

In essence, and by definition, education for the 21st century.


Developed ways to encourage learning in the classrooms


  • Engaging students as partners in their own learning
  • Harnessing the capacity of technology to engage learners and to optimize and amplify student learning and achievement
  • Emphasizing and teaching important higher-order skills such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity and entrepreneurship
  • Supporting educators in preparing our students for a rapidly changing, technology-driven, globalized world.

Personalizing classroom to enabled, engaged, and empowered to acquired knowledge and master skills

Developing curriculum to meet the needs of students

Arranging and rearranging classroom settings

Blended knowledge skills, specific skills, literacy e.g problem solving, communication,

Computer and digital literacy, information and technological skills, creativity, character and innovation

Students to have opportunity to record ideas using computers, use graphic organizers to plan

Curriculum delivery based on the four roles of the Literate Learner meaning maker,code user, text user and text analyzer

Reading writing oral and media literacy

There is an emphasis on creativity, innovation and “digital literacies,”

Classes are more learners centered

Building students on self-efficacy; to believe in the own ability because it boost self-confidence and academic achievements. And like wise the same goes for teachers.

Prescribed physical activities, such as dance, outdoor games etc.


Build professional learning communities where teachers can neteork

Collaboration among colleagues and exchanging ideas

Authentic learning introducing students to real-life problems


Computer and Assistive technology in the classroom


Class lecture covered different types of programs use4d in classroom to assist students with exceptionality. Some of these programs addressed were programs to help students with reading, scribing and mathematics.

Software that exist are Kurzweil –text to read software

Speech voice recognition software, dragon naturally speaking is speech to test software




Professional Learning Facilitator

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