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Date:  Fri August 4, 2015

Highlight of today~~~~~”No one will remember you”.

The example of this quote was used simply for learner story understand the benefits and the purpose of building a good reputation between colleagues, parents and students as teachers.  One of the story that can represent that term is David and Goliath.  Goliath was a giant that seemed unstoppable in his quest to destroy  people in …. David on the other hand was a young lad very small in stature.   But he  slaying the giant David became a hero and his name still stand today.

Well, how do we link this to education  is through  course preparation and delivery.  Example using teaching strategies no ever teacher has used before.  The key is self-efficacy – to know yourself, who you are as a teacher

The lecture also covered class management and setting.  Designing the classroom setting and course preparation to accommodate all students to make sure everyone’s needs are met.

One pertinent advice shared was to consider teaching as a vocation, a calling instead of as a job.  Another valuable lesson we were presented with is building professional learning communities where we are able to network and exchange ideas with other teachers.   Working with our colleagues help strengthen our communities as professionals.  According to the old expression, “information is power”.

Being equipped and knowledgable in our field builds confidence in a teacher.  More importantly, knowing that help is available is comforting to the one who needs it.

Key:  Sharing all aspects of class teaching for all.


I grew up in the beautiful island of Saint Lucia. Migrated to Toronto Canada since 1988 and has resided in Toronto ever since. I studied at Seneca College and graduated with a Diploma in General Arts and Science (GAS). Afterward, I started an under graduate at University of Toronto majoring in English. I am still still registered as a Woods Worth Student. I went on to pursue a degree in Adult Education at Brock University where I graduated in 2009. Now I am presently a Niagara University student enrolled in the Teacher Education program (BPS). I am known for my ambition to follow through with commitments and help others as well

I worked as a Teacher's Aid at the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). I am also worked as a Security Guard, and Sales Associate at the Bay occasionally. Currently I am employed with a financial institution as a Lending Specialist.

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