GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS ARE FIGHTING TO EXERCISE SUPREMACY OVER CITIZENS THROUGH COVID19 through new laws, statutes, regulations, and decree forced and thrust upon every man to come into agreement through threats, deaths, and new developments coming from beneath.
Gaining control through inexplicable ways and means of unrelated deaths, sicknesses, diseases and new enforcement of laws, decrees, regulations, and other developments to force panic attack, fear, lock down (house arrest), lockups (in-caserations) jail time, Silencing, mouth guards (masks), un-shelteredness of any kind, and type.  How do expect to undermine, under_rate or under-devalue GOD? As if it wasn’t enough that they have fought and achieve ways to remove God in schools and even trying to replace Him with same sex garbage.  The line of  Superiority and supremacy accerlerated to new heights, on new levels through superficial leaderships, partnerships, relationships, dictatorships,  and  fellowship, worship, etetera of enterprises. You see, the new grugru, millionaires, sharks, tycoons, etc that come to modify and re-modify and shape the way we live are waving their wands.  But all the logical explanations they have provided us and are still provided are not enough to stop God’s work.  Need I remind the trappers that fought me that it is not I that they fought but it is the Holy Ghost that rises to the challenge whenever they come against me to challenge.  My destiny and destination are shaped, marked and sealed by God.  All the bogus pill that society have swallowed will be vomited. Keep in mind, that opposition never give up without applying logic to reason with illogical reasons.  The applications they tend to use to make supplications to satan is to silence unbelievers and luke warmers.


Everything or conclusion we make in life is theorized.  We may indeed have concrete evidence, but testing the validity of answers to have an ideal or concrete response is what it aims to draw forth as conclusion.  As we are all aware, we do have what is known to be COVID19.  First it was a viral virus that requires a mouth guard, then it move to a more critical stage that requires both mouth and nose covering. All we know as spectators, that is all we are, the real eyes witnesses either die or can only explain what is know as symptoms.  We also know that  mostly the elderly died from COVID19.  What this all means and are drawn from the patterns are, responses, results of immigration  theories, deaths,  new comers, government philosophizing, influx of migrants, immigrants, immigration laws and rules regulations, cyclical  philosophy to recycle human beings, human trafficking etc, we have logical logic applications in a fishbowl, a molting pot, in a pot pourri or whatever.
Remember that in order for government to have achieve this COVID19, something has been cooking in hell’s pot for decades.  This started off the very period we begin to address the adoption and adaptation of multi-cultralism. According to Wikipedia, Multiculturalism in Canada was officially adopted by the government during the 1970s and 1980s. The Canadian federal government has been described as the instigator of multiculturalism as an ideology because of its public emphasis on the social importance of immigration (wikipedia).
However there is more to it than it beats the eyes, it boils down to the treaty that the Canadian Government signed with Syria.  What we do not know is that the treaty is meant to eradicate certain members of the Canadian society in order to bring new people, immigrants in. First of all look at the rising climax of condominium and the rising increase in brain trauma of any type.  I have already describe and explain how it is achieved.  Secondly, look at the rate of how some innocent children are thrust behind bars.  I have already explain that teachers are puppet masters, and check out the activities of law enforcers and their connections to our educational institutions. Put into perspectives death rates, confinement, the rate of incarceration in penitentiary, correctional facilities, detention, rate of mental health issues among children, and the alarming rate of increasing dumbness and deafness are highly rationalized, sensationalized, modernized, and continues to increase in institutions with vulnerable children as  subjects and suspects.



Inductive reasoning is very much an experiment that draws a response but it is in-conslusive.  We may indeed draw a response but is not a finality or certainty.  This world is flaky, and filmsey. The answers or evidence we are presented is skewed, or screwed.  The SNAFU that logic entails is to throw out reasoning, thoughts, thinking  into confusion.  For example a response or reaction is classified as two folds.  Realize that if you pull out a coin, it can be held either on the head side or the tail side, but it is still the same coin but it has different name and different value, depending where you are located.  Therefore, even though we know all human being are the same species, we have different value, different, race, different kind in the eyes of the government.  You see folks, segregation, racism, prejudice, discrimination, and the likes of the upper class has been in effective, and are in effect since the moment you decide to migrate, immigrate, integrate through employment etc,. Read between the lines, the template drawn are applied through the system in all facets, application of kinds, work places etc. This has been a subject that I have address even with government administration for decades.  And remember, your age counts and if you are not married, singles are completely cut you off in entirety.  Remember this was information disclosed to me by a government administrator in 2012 and later she turned around and asked whether there is anyone home with me.  She wanted to make sure that  the information stays with me till the end of time.  The only thing that can stay with me till the end of time is scriptural verses.
f we use a psychological perspective, we know that the answer is also attach to philosophical aspects.  To abduct means to take by force, involuntary actions.  without Through COVID19, it is an attempt to abduct humanity in every way possible. Now hear me well and hear me carefully.  When a man is abducted, the first thing the abductor does is to blindfold and gagged the abductee.  So can’t you see that in a nutshell, we are all abductee.  You see, the devil is having a ball trying to isolate, segregate, separate, and contaminate humanity.  The primary method or approach is through house arrest.  The devil never factor in technology and the internet.  With abductive reasoning, it is an experimentation testing  a hypothesis  to determine it outcome and its success. Since the scenario depends on the most likely progressive and aggressive response for conclusion, it stands to reason, the experimenter or scientist will chose the most result oriented I response.
Remember that genetic disposition is defines a person according the God’s way of creation.  However, do take in mind that our DNA speaks for us in the society which you live, and it is being tested in all capacity. And this COVID19 a desperation to access our DNA to assess it is high on the chart.



You are to distribute this land among yourselves according to the tribes of Israel.  You are to alllot it as an inheritance for yourselves and for the foreigners residing among you and who have children.  you are to consider them as native-born Israelites; along with you they are to be allotted an inheritance among the tribes of Israel.  In what ever tribe a foreigner resides, there you are to give them their inheritance, declares the soverign Lord.  Ezekiel 47: 21.
According the Scriptural verse above, a decree and declaration that must come to pass.  As we all know that the role of the un-godly is to hack into God’s plans and God’s truth.  SUPPOSEDLY – None believers or luke warm Christians are not inept to question or research truth.  Truth in itself is the Bible and without that knowledge we seek, we rely on others to explain truth. In this piece, allow me to dissect the scripture above and why it is the reason behind COVID19.  We also know that Satan is the father of lies and his job is to send unrighteous men and women among us to throw us into confusion. The opposite of nakedness is clothed. The opposite of cloaked is uncloaked.  The opposite of veil is unveil.  The opposite is of masked is bare, to unmasked.  The opposite of genuine is plastic.  The opposite of spectacle is spectacular haha!!. The opposite of blindness is 20/20 vision. Where truth does not reside, satan(ists) lies.  The devil has sent men and women of all caliber, all ranks, all types, all class to contend with God’s truth.
There is a higher power bellowing or boiling beneath the belly of the ocean operating under the mask of COVID19.  Trials and tragedies that proceed and precedes such wicked forces in operation are territorial and ceremonial. The truth that really speaks in this fatal period is factual and testimonials of that men can only speculate about what struck nations. First and far most, hear the answers that is presented here straight from the headquarters of heaven.  What we are dealing with is technological, psychological, philosophical, theological, archeological, sociological and is thriving logically. We learn to give in to publicity or public forums because they are referred to as voice of reason. The reality of truce is two folds, spiritual and physical.
Technologically, human or man made devices are the main outlets to spread propaganda.  Through lies and deception, the media has been the most sort  after ways to extract news.  It is of no regret that I am here to refute the falsity of every piece of information that sift through or generated through the media.  In actuality, the news that we have been given is to deviate, alleviate, eradicate facts, that is a reality behind every event.
Psychologically, the mind games about the elevation and acceleration of the  virus is to escalate fake results to raise up the level of fear that mankind experience.  Fear carries along with it lots of other tragic symptoms.  Most of the number one objective is to cause death. The play on the psyche is one of the most effective way that leaders, master minders can build followers and get others to follow them. Examples are Marshall Applewhite an American cult leader who organized a mass suicide. Jim Jones ordered a number of his followers to commit suicide.  Then we have Joseph Di Mambro and Luc Jouret, David Koresh, and several others. Please see
Philosophically, the main idea behind the term is the play on words, a way to exalt man based on their ranks, status, caliber, title etcetera.  What all this embodies is the fact that mankind has build their commitment and expectations on high influential folks.  We all have grown to comply, abide, conform with societal expectations.
Theologically, there is an undercurrent of spiritual war taking place in the physical.  You see, COVID19 is a shadow, and everything and everyone is chasing it.  the idea of chasing a shadow is to see elements and images of things that do not exist.  We all know that people see spirits, shadows, or ghost that passes by or through, but theses images are not tangible, or concrete.
Archeologically, human being have learned to exhume or resume things that have long gone extinct or mummified.   The idea behind it all is to bring the dead back to life in such a sense that people begin to relive historical historicism.  The twentieth century is the age of Nebuchadnezzer. Remember Nebucadnezzer’s dream entails four metals, the stonehenge. The prehistoric clay, iron age, bronze age, and gold ideally are representations of the different stages of centuries or ages mankind have and must endure and encounter. Some of which have passed and some that are about to happen.
Sociologically, building constraints through the fundamental principals of logic known as the laws of contradiction, law of excluded middle, and the  law of principle of identity.  According to the definition in Google: This occurs when someone uses the testimony of an authority to warrant their conclusion. Allow me to explain these laws not by definition but through Biblical truce.  Biblical practicum gives us various decree, laws, principles and rules and regulations. Within this laws, is one of which stress on respect of authority, and with that in mind is the fallacy of appeal to authority through logical strategies.  With that in mind, take into account the restraining orders passed from the Satan’s office to government institutions and every other public institutions functioning and funding through government pockets.  The techniques set in place by government of parliament is an appeal to weaker public members with weak frameworks. What this truly says to us is not everything that is presented to us is true.  Not all or everything that has scales are fishes, for example if a sign that says “Beware of the dog”, it is not always implying a dog exist.  Dog or no dog, the writing on the wall is meant to dissuade, deviate, distract, and force another man to change course. These rules are written and set in place throughout humanity but there are particular human beings with immunity, immunization, exemption, and exclusions.
Law of excluded middle does exactly what it means.  If you are operating as a middle class, middle man, then therefore the roof over your head is unholy, unwholly and full of holes. There are cracks in the systems for citizens to fall into to make room for none citizens.  Haven’t we notice how quickly that new comers gets  citizenship today?   Read my books to learn about the treaties that Canadian Government signed with foreign government.  It is like a disaster waiting to happen because we have undercover grave diggers removing sand in your structure to make your foundation shaky.  The men and women known as upper class are perpetrators victimizing the lower class and they acting as neighbours and landlord, but they are sent to remove the sand under your feet to dis-sensitized human sensitivity to reality and dis-senationalize the fact that pallbearers and grave diggers are lying wait in our midst  thus leaving the vulnerable without protection. How should we call sneaky or snaky? They also serve as civil servants in high profession.  They work together as officers and teachers of the law, and refer to each other as friends.
Now principles of identity is the number one operation to target  human identity, through extraction of Deoxyribonucleic (DNA) in COVID19 is the widest criminalize operations. Our DNA is the hottest commodity on the market today. Men and women of God, everything or subject lies on the principles and foundation of the Scriptural verses. Despite how powerful a man portrays him/herself to be, it is all pitiful, pitiful. Ecclesiastes tells us everything is vanity, vanity, vanity, and is for the sake of vain glory. They kill for money, money and more money.
Glory be to the master of the Universe who called me forth out of nothingness, and the devil tries to ensure that my hands are completely empty.  God has demonstrated, illustrated and showed those portrayed themselves as powerful men and women working against that in my nothing He is more powerful. God is strongest in my weakness. For it for this reason that government of Canada robbed me through and through hoping to stop God’s prophecies.  No human being can stop the prophecies of God, and not even Satan because he does not possess that power.  The legal Blood of Jesus on this earth crystalize every spoken word in the Bible.  Jesus came and says, I saw Satan falling down like lightening, and that is a done deal too, certified and sealed in Jesus’s legal Blood. The one thing that they cannot steal is King Jesus, Master of the Universe.  You see, all the educational lessons that I was compelled to take that once seemed futile and useless is paying off big time.
Logically, Ad hominem fallacy is standardized testing but it is no mathematical equations. It is built on the basis of various arguments with various degree of answers. Everything we are taught is to raise some sort of skepticism, confusion or controversey to dilute truth.  We live in an age where everything that we have been taught, learn and know are formulated with  Bible verses. It is fundamental that we know that a pyramid is drawn to classify, label, stigmatize, racializes, criminalize, and to socialize.  How do we call this? prejudicial, discriminatory, separticism, well I have already put into writing the meaning of these big, huge extravagant, exaggerated, exuberant, extraordinary vocabularies.   The world is laden with fallacies that is suppose to keep us in the dark.  Nothing that officials have taught us is official.  Rather, Bible truth have been prepared for us like Shepherd’s Pie. Everything has been grind and blended as one just as the pot pouri, multicultural or melting pot as have been told to explain secular living.  The ultimatum of household prison is an ultimate prism.  In that people cone shaped temple they are trying to build is to trap mankind in like polluted air.  However, whom the Lord sets free is free in deed. The people financed and funded by government were sent in all manner to stall me through threats.  They use threats of jail time, evictions, court cases, spiritual attacks, physical attacks and much more.  Hey!!! I gave birth to Jesus without a midwife.  Despite it all, the pen of a ready is all the weapon God uses.
Therefore this is what the Sovereign Lord says: My servants will eat but you will go hungry; my servants will drink, but you will go thirsty; my servants will rejoice but you will be put to shame.  My servants will sing out of the joy of their heart, but you will cry out from anguish of heart and wail in brokenness of spirit.









Jerusalem staggers.  Judah is falling.  Their words and deed are against the LORD, defying his glorious presence.  The look on their faces testify against them.  They do not hide it. Woe to them!They have brought disaster upon themselves. Tell the righteous it will be well with them, for they will enjoy the fruit of their deeds.Woe to the wicked! Disaster is upon them! They will be paid back for what their hands have done.  Youths oppress my people.  Women rule over them.  My people your guides lead you astray; they turn you from the path.  The Lord takes his place in court; he arises to judge the people. The LORD enters into judgement against the elders and leaders of his people…Isaiah 3:8

Journalism 105 – SOLICITATION OF YOUR HUMAN (DNA ) IN COVID19 is an act of desperation from the left side, and I mean the dark side.  Masking and working under cover pretending to help the innocent is achieving two things at the same time.  Through deep seated  wickedness, it has been discussed that the airlines are operating under the control and command of the prime minister of Canada.  People are called to pay one hundred and fifty US dollars to take a Covid19 testing before boarding their flight.  This money generating scheme does not only rob soles to rub them off the wrong way, they are also collecting human DNA at the same time.

Folks the enforcement and control is sifting through the system with malicious intent to alter human DNA.  Your DNA is being collected through forced surmon you. They pretend that it is for your good and the good of nations.  National leaders are following the lead but the prime minister of Canada is deeply involved in black magic, white magic practice.  Multi-culturalism has speedily open a melting pot of hell to embody humanity, and especially those who know GOD at arm’s length.  A treaty has been signed with government officials in the East to eradicate non-Christians.  Religion is the best approach by which these actions and activities have prevailed for many years.  Read my books to educate yourselves further because the information given are fresh from the mouth of GOD.

Our Prime Minister is way too deep and cannot turn back.  Satan does not take no for an answer. The devil’s children love to surmon the children of God both physically and spiritually in other to have access to penetrate human core.  Everything in Canada is for the sake of control to keep our money in government members belt in their waist.  The belt of truth is tight around my waist and I remain  right winged because I belong to Jesus.  I am the ambassador in Christ, His messenger.

See, the Lord is going to lay waste the earth and devastate it.; he will reuin its face and scatter its inhabitants – it will be the same for priest as for people, for the master as for his servant, for the mistress as for her servant, for seller as for buyer, for borrower as for lender, for debtor as for creditor.  The earth will be completely laid waste and totally plundered. The LORD has spoken this word.  Isaiah 24:1-3





Addressing the killing machines destroying lives in TORONTO homes verses COVID19 is yet to be dissected.  in the mean time, lives are being destroyed, and spiritual bullets continue to hit innocent lives and many innocent are being added to the COVID19 statistics.

Allow me to truly express my experience as an experimental monkey in witchcraft chambers.  That is all we have in Toronto, and many people are being threatened into silence with either eviction notices, court summons or terrifying, horrendous attacks in sleep.  The burglars are real people living over your head and watching your every move through glass ceilings, mirrors, and mind manipulations.

The majority of Satanists operations take place in your space.  However, the circumstances, or situation entails, someone is  home working whenever you are home.  Most of the damages are done when you are asleep.  In the mean time, your opponents are performing evil deeds. These wicked men and women have their beds and every piece of furniture aligned side by side with yours.  If you move it around, they move their around too.  If you leave the house and go out, be sure to notice that one of them will meet you by default to say hello.

We are dealing with cunning artists, serpents.  Don’t expect them to hesitate to kill or harm.  The meeting is always to come and fire close range silent bullets. In the meat of things,  the victim never make any meaning of the encounter. Many of us move around and go along with everything even when the Holy Spirit is nudging your mind about situations that appears strange to us.

These wicked men and women will create all forms of disharmony in the space that you occupy.  It will start from constant mental attacks, constant accidents, constant disunity with room mates, spouses, children and other affiliates.

These malicious beings operate like real snakes, and such is the reason why we have many people are fighting against attacks by  snake spirits, mental derrangements, mental infirmities. Now remember that your mind is what maintains your mobility.  The real snake is slivering around so silently that you do not have a clue that someone else is in the home.

And in other to feed this evil, landlord and tenants make it their duty to have access to your discarded garbage, your clothes, the washing machine lint, poop and every thing else you dispose of as waste.

Stay tuned—



Journalism 102 – Not only was COVID19 planned, the LORD said to me that teachers snitched.  Teachers fought me in all types of manner before COVID19 surfaced, so that I would not reveal the prophetic revelations given to me by God.  They fought to bring me down and make me powerless. In order  for the word of the Lord to be wiped out, bringing all types of harm to me through witchcraft. Witchcraft portion was prepared inside  educational institutions. Men and women that works with society and children, and such people ranked as high class let their guards down because they did not know what I knew.

These teachers burnt witchcraft portions in the back of classrooms to fight me.  Principals fired me without any justifiable cause to get rid of me. The problem is that they never anticipated the power of the Holy Spirit within. The attempt was to trick me to walk away from the job. Instead I raised up a standard against God’s enemies, and after several attempt to eradicate and terminate my position, they snitched to Satan who came up with the genius  plague.  If you are wondering why would they do that, answers are in the books that I published during the covid19 virus.

I mentioned in my publications what these puppet masters are doing to innocent children and how student are sermon to carry out evil commands.  Thus the reason why we have so many students with learning disabilities, retardation, lacking wisdom and understanding to carry out class activities. Essentially, these children are being programmed to do teacher’s dirty work, to even bully adults and other students in the same league with them. Many parents/people are concern about their child but will hopelessly dismiss concerns.

Right now I am sharing my knowledge after many trials, trauma and in total displacement.  My assignment by God does not put boundaries between my circumstances, situation or location. While the devil’s children attempted to drive me out into destitution and hopelessness, the Holy Spirit is the one navigating the odds. The flesh and citizens have spoken lies in my ears to drive me out, forced me to move, and to make a hopeless, homeless street wanderer out of me.

One thing, Satanists are experts about knowing how to cause division, discord among families.  The young lady where I am is constantly crying out with headaches.  Puppets masters are sitting right over her head to pull her brain.  They are doing the same to me but I often stand up to them and shut the heavens by which they gain their source of power. They realized that I was putting a damper on their performances, this is when they began to fight back.  They tried to make her kick me out after three days after my arrival coming up with a complaint about my praying. One of the great battles that I had to fight was with school teachers.  I learn not to be complacent.

In the process, I can certainly say that I have lost confidence in man. The greatest lesson the Lord taught me in all this is revealing truth and realizing that my persecution is my testimony and my testimony is my victory. I learn that if I shield the wicked, I sacrifice my own soul. The very first time I dedicated my life to Christ, I made a request to see His face like Moses.  Although I have not had a physical encounter, I have had multiple visitations in the spirit realm. The most heart felt one was the day I saw Jesus Carrying a heavy rustic cross on His shoulders and His body was stained with blood. I had my biological sister with me and I urged her to look back to see Jesus, but she could not see Him.  It was very near Christmas season and the image plastered on my mind, and as I narrated the event to another Christian friend, I could not help but wail.  Today, I still blessed and fortunate; and I still get  angelic visitations



Journalism 104 – Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own…The scripture encapsulates for readers that the body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. Therefore by no stretched of imagination, our bodies are temples that can be built up, raise up or demolish depending on our foundation. The soil that Jesus spoke about, whether it is rocky, muddy,  dusty which ever fits the situation, it derives from location and problems arise out of the ground, grassroots and that is the foundational base.

Where a man is located or relocated determines whether the point of settlement or location present him or her with a plateau, rocky mountains, hilly, muddy land slide or pure barren desert dry land or fertile soil.

Most cases, a man relocates to leave behind barren infertile soil.  New settlements are suppose to remove dead soil to build and rebuild new structure.  In order for a person to live in peace and unity with other settlers, him whom you share space with must be equally yoked.  Otherwise him or her will impose on the other burdens of heavy yokes.

When the scripture warns of mingling, melding, meshing and intertwining with unequally yoked and women with the perception, conception, decree were presented in very simple terms. However, preconception of mankind is break a law perfectly uniformed which they believe  had to be deconstructed.  To achieve such amoral state is to desecrate the law of God, so mankind hacked into the bread bank of Heaven.  The rule of thumb of man is to cause chaos, discord, havoc, disunity, disharmony, disturbances, destruction, dilapidation, and anything else that will dismantle harmony and conformity among family members. The reason why family trees are targeted is because through one member they can break down both the tree branch, the tree trunk and once the trunk is becomes hollow, the root gives way. The dynamics of witchcraft is to settle in homes with perfectly uniformed family members to shoot arrows from the birds eye view, and hit targets to make victims of family members.

Likewise, God have a way of allowing the enemy to create every type of breaking down of society in order to bring back order and oneness.  When the enemy reaches the peak, the climax almost at the point of bringing the temple down, God supernaturally rebuilds it.  Occultists operate from the upper room and they are always looking on the victim for a sign of how far they should or can go.  They shall get sign, no signal, no warning as it is written in the Scripture. Thus Ezekiel will be a sign for you; you will do everything that he has done. When this happens, you will know that I am the Lord GOD.

Although many signs were given to them that Jesus is the Messiah, the Pharisees and Sadducees protested, contested, refuted, come up with a rebuttal.  Jesus answered them, “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up. John 2:19. Still the natural man could not conceptualized His parables. It is with much groaning of the Holy Spirit that I share the  very coming from the mouth and heart of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Crowds gathered around Him alright, still we hear that labourers are few. Despite the increase of fans, Jesus said, “This is a wicked generation. It asks for a sign, but none will be given it except the sign of Jonah.





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Speculations about the actual framework of the rising,escalating, increasing, superstitions, statistics or censorship about COVID19 is infused, saturated with suppositions, presuppositions, assumptions about the detrimental impacts of the infections, defections, dysfunctions, or the destructive nature of it all.  Everyone knows that the news media reports are exaggerations, based on the agenda of government leaders in the countries of the world.  Everyone tells you what they believe or know.  There are so much consumption of information that many people of high calibre provides us with information but so much of their truth remains hidden like the devil’s bible on a book shelf. 
The most gruesome and grotesque reality is that many of high influential men and women are far fetched.  You cannot or practically have no means of even contacting one of them in person.  Practically all of them are like plastic imitations, menikens just representations of what they represent.  Trying to get a one on one with even a great man or woman of God is like a dream.  It is for this reason that Jesus is calling forth the lowly, the unknown, unimportant or none influential like Joseph. Remember your own brothers and sisters is the actual weapon that the devil will use to refute, rebuttal, reject, resent, and dispel truth.   The men and women that are at the forefront building strong forums, platforms with millions only have, possess, or know partial truth.  Remember that Saint Paul tells us that God shows no partiality to man, meaning that He uses anyone and even none Christians just as in the time and age of Saint Paul.
My argument is as such, this pandemic is academic points for a brain storming essays for unschooled students to build their thesis and write the findings.  Because of non-factual evidences and unrelated, inapplicable, unidentifiable, brittle and unreliable truce, the evidence is patchy. Everything that we have been told about this pandemic is Pavlov’s dog experimentation strategies that gives an open showcase or showroom for further subjects to voluntarily or involuntarily fall subject as lab rats experiences.  No one can save another man from such radical and clever abuse of authorities.  However, feel free to leave messages and comments that supports and that will help the lost and voiceless to lobby truth.



Beautiful landscape


The testimony that I disclose and divulge herewith is nothing but the truth. Living in Toronto at 264 Saint George Street Unit 103 was quite a frightening and terrifying laden with threats.  The objective of the landlord and tenants was to thrust me into metal decapitation and challenges.  The mistakes of enemies was to attack several family members in the process causing deaths, infirmities and mental challenges while they continue to work on me. Glory be to God.  Jesus showed  and made a show of the wicked. The truth remains, even to this very hour the war is on and the armies of Satanic families residing above and across this current unit is way in which they have made victims availability easy for them to attack.  They come out and stand right in front of the unit to regroup, form allied, to attack.  At certain times, the fellow form upstairs will rush downstairs and begins to open and shut doors.  They also pop up by default to fire bullets on contact to make sudden impacts. The content that is presented herewith is a testimony after several attacks by members in high organization committing organized crimes. Witchcraft is a highly common, frequent, unseen crimes that are executed minute by minutes and seconds by seconds. The way that they operate with time and space and in order for them to keep up with the intended target, they follow him or her while awake and while asleep. The plan, strategy, methods of the devil is totally opposite to God. God needs a child of his awake and alive to perform His will.  Satan wants them dead and asleep.  These are the two most vulnerable state or stage of Christians and any other living organism. Furthermore, Satanist operate and destroy every organ of the victim.  It is for this reason that the God sent His only begotten son to die in our place.  Jesus shed His blood to gave us victory against our enemies and for this reason I gladly give my testimony.  Saint Paul rejoiced after he was beaten and that he was persecution was for the sake of the gospel.

During this long outstanding battle, I endured much and even when the cops came to throw me out of the church like a money changer and much later came to throw me out on the street like a homeless, I got Jesus to rejoice and to hold on to.

For the accuser of our brothers and sisters who accuses them day and night has been hurled down. They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. Revelation 12:11

Biblical Revelations are the most sought after works of the Scripture that people use to look for signs of the Coming of the Messiah.  Wickedness is so concentrated and concretized, it requires a lot of consecration to break down, walls, trees, institutions and other establishments.  Thus the reason that the word of God tells us that the wicked will look for a sign and no signs will be to given them, there will be no jam starts, no hints or points. Workers of inequities are in denial believing that they would never be out that Canadian homes are slaughter homes where much killings are taking place .  They are terrified of the judgement of Jesus Christ that is set in place that all evil man must face.

Sparking a false alarm was the ideal way to coverup. They plotted my demise perfectly, and they even told the cops to tell me to move to Oakville/Vague. It is where the battle intensified and the number expanded and they were even meet the other subject in my space to possess and come back to fight against me.  Whenever realized that the battle is too obvious, the force her to walk out and go away for the day. Hey, the minute she walks out, the battle intensifies with door slamming, moving back fort and even increases to running back and forth.  Children of God a marathon is taking place around us and despite how hard Satanists fight they ain’t going to win the trophy. 

Embracing the name Prophetess Peanut Lovina assigned to me in Heaven is not without a great price. The attempt to warn the world about the on slaughter of human lives and slaughter houses situated in our cities, countries, Islands, nations, territories globally and internationally resulted in the execution of a world attack.  Bringing the truth to light has been challenging and stressful.  The biggest stumbling block and walls enemies have paved in my way is that of technological malfunctions. Those fighting against us are pitiful and spiteful.

The underpinning of this piece is to open a forum where truth resides.   It is with good reason that I stand to believe that Truth will settle matters and set me free. In addition to it, every lie coming from the bowels of hell will be made evident and obvious for all to see.  My appetite to illustrate, demonstrate, magnify manufactured lies and for the destructive nature of sorcerers, workers of iniquity, wizards, warlocks, is how I follow the will of God.   While oppositions have raised a rainbow banner to represent their victory, the lacked discernment of how little they underestimated God.

The ideal of Canadian officials’ mass destruction and concocting their plans to make an outcast of me was the execution of all execution to evict me on September 11,2020.  Parliamentary members and the news media laugh at the matter.   I sent emails and mailed letters to parliament members in Toronto and Ottawa as well as news media.   They took to social media to heightened the matter. 

In the letter, I let them know that the water that I drink was being tampered with chemicals and that  my feces was being to destroy my internal and external being. Instead they were seeking ways to kill faster for the secrets to remain a secret.  The secret of the housing business where landlord are compensated to  hire men and women to destroy lives to tenants were not meant to ever come.  Another secret was that of the role of School administrators diagnosing children with disabilities for schools to get paid.  The same goes for hospitals who gets paid for hospitalized brain problems and disabilities deriving from the aforesaid.   There are much more mentioned in the publications given to Canadians especially Christians.

Choosing the day of the September 11 terrorist attack was to fulfill another destruction, but this time calling a world wide panic to cause a collapse.  The downside or the downfall was that the mass destruction brought about mass salvation across the globe.  They never anticipated Ezekil’s Prophecy to take place in this manner. As I have mentioned prior to  today is the fact that a desperation to take black people to ride the belly of the ocean along with Satanists was the attempt to vilify, nullify, and magnify Satanic worshipping in secrecy.  Satanists had a count down and that was November 11 to seal their deal to Satan.

How you are destroyed, city of renown, people by men of the sea! You were a power on the seas, you and your citizens; you put your terror on all who lived there.  Now the coastlands tremble on the day of your fall; the island in the sea are terrified at your collapse. Ezekiel’s Prophecy 26:17-18.  While the wizards at 264 Saint George Street in Toronto was meant to keep my temple dilapidated, devised just to keep the prophetic prophecies of God outdated.

Although enemies constructed several pillars to hold Lucifer’s structure together, the construction failed. Even upon arriving in this place, the Lord kept bringing my attention to a hug gateway in the wall near the subject bed head.  The hole is covered with a whit plastic bag that matches the colour of the walls.  I decided to strip the wall open and inside is white bowl with a blue rim.  The exact position of that entrance or gateway in the wall is where the bath tub is situated above and in the unit where they feed that demonic entity or entities. 





Allow me to take you through BIBLICAL TRUCE and the realities of doors as prescribe, ascribe and describe in the WORD OF GOD. 

I mentioned to you before that the LORD has walk me through a gruelling experimentations through witchcraft, so much so, that I had nowhere to use the washroom or to bath.  Through this period, my eyes were open to God’s prophetic messages.  I will not go through the whole shebam because I have writer publications.  My eyes were  to open to seeing vessels in walls, and yes landlords and tenants of the occult have pots and pans in the physical walls. There was even a camera in the wall. The water that you drink is being slowly poisoned.  They have also operate inside a person in the night during sleep.  They go back and forth in the ocean to inject you with sea water to feed that dragon they put inside of you during sleeping and dreaming.  COVID19 is a false Revelation executed by members of the dark realm. Enemies waged war against me, shutting down washroom and toilets everywhere was to lash back. Believe me, everything about COVID19 began in TORONTO. That experience and outcomes are written in publications and explaining how these ruthless idolaters came to stand in my way in washrooms and to shut them down even before I get to them.

The scriptures was my resolution, solution and my testimonies. These unrighteous men and women came and issue curses in my Bibles.  Can you imagine such evil?Although they waited for me to leave the apartment for them enter my space or to fall or asleep to perform evil, the LORD revile and reveal every evil deeds. It is written:I know all the things you do, and I have opened a door for you that no one can close. You have little strength, yet you obeyed my word and did not deny me. Revelation 3:8.e  

Now I tell you, although the spiritual doors are open in the spiritual realm while you are asleep, the physical doors are being open everywhere.  The bible called unrighteous men dogs because they follow you around like doors to open wicked doors.  And if you are attentive enough, doors of apartments and homes in the physical realms are being open every second, every hour, because your where about are monitored.  They will quickly come and pretend to be generous, friendly and helpful. They only come to shut down your prosperity, destiny, and open wicked doors of infirmity, death, diseases etc. While I am presenting you this message, there is a war of shutting and opening doors going on in my aboard.  I am truly bound and in shackles, but my mouth and hands are not bound. I have with me the greatest intercessor, the MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE.  His weapons are in my hands, it is written:  And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ, for which I am in chains. Colossians 4:3.

Listen to me carefully children of God, this is a warning.  It is clear that the word of God emphasizes and reinterated that Jesus is the door.  I will tell you once more, all my life’s sources and property was invaded by the landlord and her tenants. In addition to this, teachers robbed me blind of my USB storage drives.  Jesus clearly told me that “Teacher snitched”.  They were the one who reported to Satan. This verse below explicitly explains to you why and how the panic came about.

 There is a wide-open door for a great work here, although many oppose me. When Timothy comes, don’t intimidate him. He is doing the Lord’s work, just as I am.

You see, the promise that the Father have open all the doors of our destiny that were shut is approaching. I mentioned previously that the role of teacher are attached to the role of the institutions and how they generate income.  Have you ever wondered why their income is so high and other people are walking robed starvation, it is all part of the cult or mob however you wish to put it. COVID19 is a way to lock the wicked doors of hell to sealed what they have stolen from Christians.  In order to keep hell in operation, they open wicked, wicked doors of death call COVID19. Remember it was CORONA first before it was COVID. They know that they will never be able to undo what God has done as it is written: I will give him the key to the house of David–the highest position in the royal court. When he opens doors, no one will be able to close them; when he closes doors, no one will be able to open them. Isaiah 22:22 

 These mobsters, monsters, murderers, butcherers, slaughters decided to fight back and spare no one.  Satan never anticipated that there would be such a backlash and everything would backfire. But hold firm and hold tight Children of God for we have overcome. I endeavour to bring you the Gospel as it is revealed to me as the LORD will for when I put pen and paper in hand is no longer I who speaks but Christ who works inside of me,. Cheers.





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Big Mountain Huge Prospects




The Word of God tells me that I am above and not  below. I need no Rapunzel to let down his hair for me to rise.  Therefore, God’s illumination pierced my soul like sun shine.  His words are bubbling in my stomach like sweet wine.  When evil doers hid in every crevices of my establishment to shoot me down with arrows, they never expect Jesus coming out suddenly.  They must have forgotten that he is the Vine.

Can a man keep me confined? Will these brood of vipers remain hidden in my vine? Did they even ever expected their evil weapons to back fire?  Though they came about and dug a pit in a dark valley calling my name to fall inside, they never expected the Blood of Jesus to answer.  These wild bulls know that they cannot kick against the barb wire? They never expected that God would dispatch myriads of angels to build a gallery to hang the heads of the hypocrites.  it is written that, if you live by the sword, you shall die by the sword…Touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm says the Spirit of the Living God.

This passage has been way too painful and sweet. That bitter sweet moments and emotions have expanded my wisdom, knowledge and understanding in CHRIST, and my territories are vast, it continues to spread and overlapping, Glory be to God. All the enemies that thought that they could have kept me nonchalant, lackadaisical and complacent will run for cover.  Jesus is working stronger and stronger to immortalized this mortal body. 

Those who worked to distort and demobilized this body must repent and be baptized.    This is my final message to them, put down your hidden weapon because every children of God that you have strike in the spirit realm with strokes through brain deformation, and sources of infirmities will be accounted for. Your invisible arrows are now visible for the world to see that such wickedness exist.  On a final note, your COVID19 strategic plan of opening wicked doors with your body guards issuing curses at every institutions and enterprises as Christians walk through is over.

The interpretations of the wicked banner of success and victory that has been stretched forth across nations, kingdoms, globally, nationally, internationally through occultism is being lay out.  The tombstone place as foundations to build strength will be your burial plots for the word of God says, enemies will fall into their own pit. In this epiphany lies your obituary unless you turn and repent. This epic epitaph is iconic, the symbol that symbolizes the Coming of the Messiah



Jesus paid the price

Oh! What a sacrifice

The prize given to mankind

He split the blind

And gave me a glimpse into Divine insight

A channel to make things right


Jesus paid the price

Oh! What a sacrifice

He paid the ransom

Thus leaving me indebted to no one

And committed to none

So I say be gone to Abaddon


Jesus paid the price

Oh! What a sacrifice

What you sow is what you’ll reap

Rewards are marked by our deceit

As the law is to priests, prophets and teachers

So it goes to believers and none believers

There will be no exemption

Especially those who teach truth as assumptions

Everyone must pay

Everyone knows that there is judgement day


Jesus paid the price

Oh! What a sacrifice

Still we are counting days and woes

There is no turn or twist to truth

He will be visible to all who ask for proof






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Journalism 10l about the  Pandemic of 2020 is how I surf the storm that took me by force.  Watching the pattern of the storm and its victims, makes for a great subject.  The affects and effects and how it affects lives are universally sensationalized.  How it is projected and  injected into our lives on impact to demobilize, destabilize, paralyze, and of how political parties might mobilized mankind is obvious

Evidently, from the very root and origin of this plague, an injection called COVID 19 panic has taken centre fold as the medical field spread wonder words. Wondering how might they sterilizes the mystery virus with new inventions to intervene normal lives an invention that is clearly indicative of a plan of violation and invasion by a coming injection. Mimicking the trend of the Covid19 wind is blowing from the North to the South, and from the East to West. But there is a wind rattling from the bowels of hell that many people seem not to notice.

The angelic armies of God are suspended in the air just waiting to see what the reactions of mankind next move will be.  Many of us are moving along juxtaposition with the virus. Some of us are in total oblivion.  Fake media news accelerated our new telecom.  Once again they need another man to ransom. Jesus came to fulfill prophecies.  With Jesus’ words came amazing promises after promise. Jesus read Isaiah’s prophecy out loud. The spirit of the Lord is upon me… that is,  The scripture says that,  He has sent me to bind up the broken hearted… and Jesus came to heal the broken hearted, to proclaim good news to the poor, to bind up the broken hearted and bring liberty to captives.  Right now we have a spiritual war going on, and many are in captivity. The wars and rumours of war the scripture warns us of is the fake news we are being fed everyday.  Nothing is true, not the census, not the surveys, or the statistics. Every is rebuttals to make lies seems genuine and true.

Remember we cannot tell the wind what direction to blow. But we can fortify our shelter, seek out God our fortress to sustain the damage of the wind.  When Jesus gave us the parable of the building a house, he was referring to times of destitutions, destructions and degradations such as this.

This pandemic has left the world with much to grapple with.  Many of the stories are concrete bricks for us to struggle with and stumble. I urge you to hold and build a firm foundation on Jesus’ warning messages using the parable of building a house..

The Parable of the Wise and the Foolish Builders taught by Jesus appears in the Gospel of Matthew (7:24–27) and Luke (6:46–49). The parable gives a fundamental illustration of how pivotal that knowledge of Scriptural messages  would be to Christians on such a time as this.



The King that paid the price

This hour I exalt Him high

May the God I serve judge between you and I

You and your monitoring devices

The King that paid the price

He is my Hammar

The Healer of all trauma

He is the Battle Axe

The God who shines bright in the dark

He is God of judgement

The Recompense for all evil treatments

May the God I serve judge between you and I

He knows my plight

His light pierce through division of soul and spirit

You wicked spies

You and all your wicked lies

He is the author of life

My God will repossess your spoils



Tell that devil, I have a great Father

He is Jehovah Jira, the Provider

The God that comes by fire

The Father who feeds His children with Manner

Tell that devil I say, I have a Great Father

He does the labour

He tells me to trust and rest

My Father is not a slave master

Tell that devil I say, I have a Great Father

It is not required that I match in marsh

I must not kill for cash

Tell that devil I say, I have a Great Father

I do not have to destroy souls of another